Haunted Summer School” Transcription: In this episode Maron and her friends plan to go to see the play, Romeo and Juliet. The police are faced with a challenge to catch Jeanne and Sinbad or the robber who have all sent their notices at the same time. Maron and Fin are forced to work hard to lure away the students before they could capture the demon. Chiaki just can’t seem to get through to Maron. Zen’s pure wish to live on his own strength brought bittersweet joy, despite his death. But the resort is haunted?! He also shows Maron an architectural sculpture of a amusement park that her father modeled and named after her, but a demon is possessing it and Maron is forced to “Checkmate.

Jeanne and Sinbad send in their warnings. A young pianist, who Fin has fallen for, has been possessed by a demon hidden within the melody of an ancient piano. The owner of the Grand Marine is said to be able to rule the sea. Can Maron save her best friend from a demon without checkmating her? Top 20 Magical Anime Girls Cute, powerful, and spunky, magical anime girls are an important part of the anime genre. Maron, despite reluctant at first, decides to save the family and seal the demon. The episode starts off with Maron ‘stealing’ a painting, and getting chased by police and detectives.

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Jeanne tries to persuade him to live on, but it’s no use. Kaizawa, Yukio Episode Director.

On top of that, just when Maron and Miyako are ready to relax, they find out that Chiaki joined the soccer team epispde and will be spending his vacation with them! Maron must find a way to save their relationship and the show before Sinbad arrives. The painting turns from “An Angel of Happiness” to one that is consumed with flames.


There is a series of robberies in town, but englishh is also the possibility of a demon.

He is actually Sinbad and first approached her to stop her from being a Kaitou by getting her to fall for him. When Jeanne sends her next warning.

Kaitou Jeanne and Sinbad are forced to sneak on to a cruise liner to retrieve the demon. So now, with Maron’s heart in chaos, Kaitou Jeanne’s barrier has weakened making her easy pickings for demons. Jeanne manages to find a way to seal the demon without taking the box. He is already on the edge of his life, yet he accepts his fate in order to see his deceased daughter again.

Jeanne sends a warning to the pianist, though no one really understands what it means until she steals the piano.

With the help of the angel, Fin Fish, Peisode works as the thief Jeanne at night to seal the demons that reside in pieces of artwork, preying upon the weak hearts of the owners. Saigo no kake ” Japanese: On top of that, it takes Fin, Miyako, and Iincho hostage.

Maron does not like the boy because of what he said to her but Miyako is mesmerized by him. The Petite Claire picks up a demon ka,ikaze Maron realizes that the actor episose is playing Romeo has been possessed by a demon. The series uses four pieces of theme music. Maron and Fin are forced to work hard to lure away the students before they could capture the demon. Can Maron save her best friend from a demon without checkmating her?


Koi Hurricane Jouriku ” Japanese: To Father and Mother” Transcription: The Petit Claire is acting strangely. Maron runs into an old, mysterious lady, who appears to be mugged until Fin finds out that she’s been making an act to find a suitable partner to steal her son’s jewelry, which has been infested with a episoee.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use kaimkaze Privacy Policy. The demon changes his personality and at first Maron thinks it has changed for the better, but then Yamato’s personality turns cold and mean. Miyako, Maron and the rest of the gang, are planning to perform a play for a kindergarten class.

And Maron has been helping the Devil all this time?! Maron starts to become more energetic after she learned that the amusement park model was named after her, but one night Maron gets a call from her mother.

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She promises the boy that she will return his mother to normal. This time, the vacation is at a cute little spot that has been transformed to fit the style of the Edo Era. Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit? What Is His True Identity? Evidence of Fatherly Love” Transcription: A demon happens to be hiding in a gift that Maron gave to Miyako when they were little.