However, just when they are ready to “Checkmate” the stone disappears in a small blackout. Honmono wa Dare da ” Japanese: Karakuri Ninja Jyou ” Japanese: Will Maron’s heart be close off forever? First, Maron’s teacher might have seen her transform from Kaitou Jeanne back into Maron! Is Jeanne d’Arc the only one who can help Maron gain her spirit and courage back? Maron and Iinchou were invited to be in a TV commercial by a man who is actually tricking people into giving him money.

On top of that, it takes Fin, Miyako, and Iincho hostage. Miyako, Maron and the rest of the gang, are planning to perform a play for a kindergarten class. She taps into her will to become stronger, and that activates her power to transform again, becoming the upgraded Kaito Jeanne. Now, Chiaki’s father is the new target, but for some reason, the a notice is sent to the police reporting that Kaitou Jeanne kidnapped Chiaki’s father. Is Jeanne d’Arc the only one who can help Maron gain her spirit and courage back? Maron starts to become more energetic after she learned that the amusement park model was named after her, but one night Maron gets a call from her mother.

How will Maron transform into Kaitou Jeanne without Fin?! The angel finds out that an artist is wrecking his own paintings because he is possessed by a demon, leaving him a card of when Maron will show up, and wants Maron to help. The Magical Blue Butterfly” Transcription: While Maron works hard to capture a demon, an unexpected kaito appears and proclaims himself as “Kaito Sinbad” – Jeanne’s rival.

But when the letter arrives saying he is coming for her, she is possessed by the demon inside the post card and Jeanne sends her warning. Haunted Summer School” Transcription: Jeanne manages to find a way to seal the demon without taking the box. Miyako’s father purchased a new computer for the police station, the Chief called him and talk to him about the computer, but suddenly his gun got possessed by a demon will Kaitou Jeanne save him?

Love’s Tempestuous Arrival” Transcription: Just what is it that Chiaki needs to tell Maron about?

How can Jeanne checkmate?! I’m Not Going to Trust Anyone!


Kamikaze Kaitou jeanne Episode 36 [2/2] в moni

Chiaki and Maron end up separated from the other two englsh decide to ride the ferris wheel together in order to find the others. The Petite Claire picks up a demon and Maron realizes that the actor who is playing Romeo has been possessed by a demon.

But before the show she sees the two actors who are really a couple and notices them fighting. The trophy at the competition had a demon within it and Chiaki’s fiancee gets possessed. Views Read Edit View history. There is a series of robberies in town, but there is also the possibility of a demon.

A demon happens to be hiding in a gift that Maron gave to Miyako when they were little. Retrieved January 28, Maron’s friend is possessed by a demon, again.

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Episode 2 English Subbed at gogoanime

Will Kaitou Jeanne’s wings be clipped as well or will Sinbad be able to save her? Like Jeanne d’Arc, the devil is turning her friends against her. Sinbad comes to her rescue and burns down the studio to locate the demon.

But with Miyako’s and Kanako’s help, perhaps Maron’s heart will be healed.

On top of that, Saotome’s motorcycle has been possessed by a demon! Maron starts to become more energetic after she learned that the amusement park model was named after her, but one night Maron gets a call from her mother. Maron’s gymnast Sensei is about to get married, but when she goes to try on the dress. At the end of this episode Maron finds something in her mailbox.

So now, with Maron’s heart in chaos, Kaitou Jeanne’s barrier has weakened making her easy pickings for demons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And what does it have to do with Fin?

The next day Maron comes to school with a bandage over her right cheek and everyone suspects her. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat If he loses it, he will be charged for weak security. The painting turns from “An Angel of Happiness” to one that is consumed with flames. Miyako doesn’t want to believe it at first, and makes Maron take off her bandage in front of the whole class to prove Maron’s innocence as repayment for what Maron has done for her since the day they became friends.


Jeanne sends a warning to the pianist, though no one really understands what it means until she steals the piano. After the call Maron gets upset and runs off and Miyako tells Chiaki to find Maron. During a World History class trip to a historic church, a demon takes over a beautiful pipe organ kaitoi Maron and Chiaki reveal their feelings for each other.

An kamikase photographer has been possessed by a demon. One of the high class demons is now posing as Maron’s history teacher! Jeanne manages to “Checkmate” and later Maron wins the competition, but she fears she is losing something. Episode list] in Japanese. But episodee mission to catch the demon could blow Sinbad’s identity The episodes of the anime series Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne are based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Arina Tanemura.

Revival of the Power of Love! What good can a motorcyclist be without his motorcycle? To Father and Mother” Transcription: Maron, Miyako, and Chiaki are invited to go to an amusement park by him. Kaitou Jeanne stay strong and serious, matchless and marvelous, energetic and courageous, and must find a way to love herself enough to save Fin from the Devil!

Later, Sinbad and Jeanne kiss and Sinbad asks her to stop being a Kaitou. Or can Miyako find and believe in her true self, the self that believes in Maron? At the kindergarten, a small boy causes havoc for them and Maron finds out that his mother has been possessed by a demon.

Myst, desperate to kill Jeanne before this mysterious “Queen” gets englis her, sets up an elaborate plan to kill her by using her school.

Will Maron’s heart be close off forever?