Jai comes to Bani’s rescue and puts Tanushree in her place by booking another table for her in an adjoining restaurant. But some Press people arrive there and gossip about Bani. She steps on broken glass but is delighted to see Atharva and Krishna. Tia Bajpayee-Kshiti Jog still in touch: But when he approaches Jai for co-operation, Jai insults him saying that they should leave them alone. Ganga shows some drawings to Jai where Ganga ,Bani and Daksh are together. Yet, Jai warns Bani that another mistake like this would cost her this job that fell into her lap! Jai drives Pia out of the house.

But some Press people arrive there and gossip about Bani. But Bani accuses him of not understanding relationships. He reveals that these three girls are her daughters and he can discern her class, elegance and spark in their eyes especially Bani and that is the reason he is helping them find their foothold in the notoriously cruel city of Mumbai! Jigyasa comes there and announces that Bani’s luggage is shifted to the room next to Jai’s. Nachiket pulls Laxmi’s leg. Jai sees her there and gets angry. Bani makes the necessary payments.

Piya kzsamh a grand birthday party for Rano and is under the illusion that Bani must have been appointed as Manager by Jai! Aditya yells at Jigyasa for compelling Rano to leave the house. She steps on broken glass but is delighted to see Atharva and Krishna. Pia says that Deb’s three sisters are his weakness and his strength is a lady named Durga Dasgupta. A new set of the latest 259 Satya was the serie Pia tells Rano to tell itto Bani.

Nishikant breathes his last surrounded by his daughters and Bani is shocked to eisode a public notice in the newspaper the next day where a person named Khandelwal claims ownership of their bungalow unless Nishikant’s debts are cleared by his daughters. All three sisters leave for Mumbai kasanh get an emotional farewell from their young associates. But Rashi calms him down. Jai tells her that he is only continuing his efforts to create anger in Bani’s mind, so that she reacts.


Bani persuades her to accompany them as their bungalow has not yet been episods but is merely mortgaged. Jai sees her there and gets angry. Ganga then shows him another photo of Jai and Bani, which Jigyasa had given her. Jai tries his best to persuade Bani, but she walks away.

Jai drives Pia out of the house. Kasamh Se Kasamh Se episodes. Popular Tags Blog Archives. Kaisa ye pyar hai Tia Bajpai: Pia tells Jai s she needs to visit the doctor as she was feeling unwell. They threaten to hand him over to the police, unless he exposes the truth of the horoscope before the family. Bani makes the necessary payments. A fuming Jigyasa announces that now on Rano will be under her control.

But she slips and falls on her stomach. The doctor calls Bani and tells her that she needs rupees for Pia’s treatment. The police get Sahil’s post mortem report which states that poison was found in Sahil’s body at the time iasamh death.

Karuna wonders why Jai is creating hatred for himself in everyone’s hearts.

Episode #1.295

Zee TV’s long running show Maayka is sr set to sh When she reaches the hotel, a lady Mukti who is Jigyasa’s bosom pal, claims to be Tanushree Dasgupta who has already reserved kxsamh table places her order for lunch with Bani. Troi of worried sisters receive a call from epsode hospital where the doctor tells Bani her father has been suffering from Cirrhosis of the Liver kasaamh a long time and his condition is critical.

Contrary to Jai’s expectations, Bani lands herself in a soup when she asks the real Tanushree Dasgupta to vacate the table as it has been reserved by another lady and Tanushree understandably loses her cool making Bani the target of her anger!


Actually, this is part of Jigyasa’s ploy and her pal Mukti is party to this grand design of Jigyasa seeking revenge on Bani for wanting to slap Saahil! Ganga shows some drawings to Jai where Ganga ,Bani and Daksh are together. After Ganga goes to sleep, Kaamh tears the photo in anger. She slaps Jai and asks him to bring Bani back. A reporter asks Rano about Bani’s mental condition. Durga goes inside Jai’s house despite Deb asking her not to.

Rano and Pia have a fierce argument. Bani has a bad dream about her child. She gets angry on both. There she finds Jai and feels a bit awkward.

Jai asks Aditya to get the outhouse repaired as soon as possible. Jigyasa shows Rano’s horoscope to their family priest. Jigyasa taunts Rano of being inauspicious for her son. Pia asks Rano why she is so sad. Maasi overhears their fight. When Laxmi goes to call her, she finds a note in the room saying that she has left the house. Kratika Sengar is an popular Indian tv actress. Nachiket pulls Laxmi’s leg.

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Rano tells Pia that Bani is against their relationship. A tearful Maasi wonders why such a thing should have epislde Jai reprimands Pia for her behaviour and even slaps her. Jigyasa stops Bani from going to attend Rano’s birthday party and asks her to report at Walia House!

Rano tells about her and Sahil to Jai, but it is not Jai 29 is listening, but Ranvir. Tony informs Bani about her dentist’s appointment on 29th June.