In the middle of the night, Ranvir leaves the mansion for some unknown reason. Episode 27 Episode Pushkar tells Pia that he loves her, but she replies that she doesn’t. For the first time after 16 years, all her flashbacks become clear. What is the secret of this outhouse? Meanwhile, Meera secretly sneaks Bani into the party so she can see Ganga. Episode 8 Episode 8.

Then the Police reveals infront of Jai that Pronita did this all and was with connection with them the whole time and she didn’t do it for money. Episode 18 Episode Pronita performs the Pooja. One day, while playing, Ganga badly hurts herself and needs to be hospitalized. Meera soon figures out that Pronita is Bani. Jigyasa tells Bani and Meera the truth.

After seventeen years, Jai and Bani have a proper meeting and fall in love all over again. Does anyone watch kasamh se? Bani is going by the name Pronita.

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Soon, to her horror, she finds out that the killer of her children was Meera. She is trapped in the fire and everybody then assumes she has burnt to death. As the wedding finally reaches a close, Jigyasa plans to move the outhouse secret far away from the Kasahm mansion, but she goes to drastic measures to stop Bani. Rano develops a bond with Ganga, and prays that she will become alright. Pia is revealed to be fine and has been pretending to be handicapped eisodes save Bani because the real killer is one of their family members.


Jai tells Vicky not to feel bad. Sahil’s elder brother Ranvir Siddharth Vasudev then agrees to marry Rashi. Episode 8 Episode 8. However, things may take epksodes drastic change when Dadi sees Bani working in the kitchen.

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However, after the parents find out Ganga has no idea of her father, things become a bit hectic until Jai Walia and Meera enter the school. Sections of this page.

The reason of why Atharva was left behind in the story is unknown. Kabhii Sautan Kabhii Sahelii Kundali. Episode 1 Episode 1. Episode 4 Episode 4. Episode ends on Jai’s tortured face. Bani is declared dead which leaves Jai and the family devastated. Pronita goes to the temple near the place where she was attacked and falls unconscious but Jai catches her then she meets Jai Walia, though he doesn’t recognize her because of her different face.

Pia agrees to marry Jai instead of Pushkar because he obviously has more money. Bani and Rano decides to help their sister. Surprisingly, Pia returns to the Walia mansion after seventeen wynopsis and reunites with the family and meets the children. After hearing Pia’s account of what happened at the disco, Bani slaps Pushkar. After xynopsis father’s death, the three sisters go to Mumbai according to what their fathers will say and go to live in Jai Walia’s house a famous and a ruthless business tycoon who knew their father.

Then, Bani’s twin children are kidnapped and murdered.


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Retrieved 2 June But, Bani arrives in time to save Rashi; Ranvir is sent to jail. Season 1 82 Breslin and Hamill: Jai Walia’s new wife. Jai falls for Pia at first and Pia is interested more in his wealth so they are arranged to get married but on the wedding day, Pia elopes with Jai’s employee Pushkar.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Jigyasa as Ashwini Khalsekar Ram Kapoor Pronita turns off the lights, and lets Jigiyasa tie the rakhi to Jai, Jai thinks it is Rashi tying it. Pia was putting up a charade for several years to save her own epjsodes.

Mohan ends the idea of marriage between Bani and him because Sonali told him that she loved Pushkar. Meanwhile, Rashi receives some help from a mysterious women who prmoises to give her an agnipariksha, a test of fire. Bani spends the day praying at the temple for Ganga’s well-being, and the family tries to overcome this horrid fact. Ganga’s marriage prep starts.

His sister, Jigyasa, dislikes the sisters immediately but Jai still allows them to stay in their outhouse. Meera and Bani bring Pia home and tell Jai that she did not murder the children.