Prabhakar Our hero telling the story to Karunas who have the camera. Director Ram has done a very good job. There he sees Anandhi, his childhood sweetheart, whose father has also died in the same accident, in an argument with another family for having one look at her father’s body. The soundtrack was composed by noted music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja to the lyrics written by Na. He roams all around the country and joins some saadhus, high on pot and also grows his hair long and keeps a shaggy beard. I forgot why I wanted to watch this Movie

Prabhakar, the kid lives in a village. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs are too good, the get right to the point literally, all the songs have the lyrics starting off immediately without a long beginning music and his background score enhances the mood of the film well. Cinematographer Kathir’s frames are a work of art. A story u see or u thing of it in day-to-day life, but Ram gave it very well. The dialogues switching between English and Thamizh, make you think how sweet is Thamizh. Cinematographer Kathir’s frames are a work of art.

This is about prabha and aananthi. Prabhakar buys some clothes for her and leaves her promising that he will keep in touch. Heartless, selfcentred,materialistic and brain dead.

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Ram Subbu, has vision, thoughts A village tough finally succumbs to the unconditional love of his angelic cousin, but his romance faces insurmountable challenges, including family opposition and his own delinquent personality. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Probably one of the greatest films ever made in Tamil and definitely the best directorial debut in Tamil, Kattradhuu Tamizh is about a Tamil onoine earning hardly INR a month, finding difficult to cope with loneliness living in a city like Chennai, trying to get back in touch with his long lost childhood love, unable to withstand the societal imbalance created largely by IT industry and therefore becoming a psychopath.


Muthukumarwhich was released on 10 September under the film’s previous title, Tamil MA. Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed. Jeeva with a meaty role and the heroine is a kattravhu to Tamil cinema. This movie means a lot to me.

The screenplay’s narrative structure takes you back and forth in time and changes from the protagonist talking to the audience then to himself and them to a camera yet doesn’t create an ounce of confusion.

Excellent BGM by Yuvan Use the HTML below.

Yuvan’s music carried the movie so beautifully. Anjali, Dongli Jumbo, Andrea Jeremiah.

Meanwhile, Prabhakar gets a job as a Tamizh teacher and starts living in a lodge. Though most in the audience do not agree to his views on society a few like me willingly support them. Prabhakar does not mind it. Prabhakar Jiiva is a Tamil teacher in a private school thamozh west Mambalam area of Chennai, who leads a lonely life in a lodge.

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Must watch Tamil Movies – An artistic triumph for everyone involved including the audience who appreciate such work. By mid, Ram an erstwhile assistant of Balu Mahendra began working on his directorial debut, initially being titled as Tamil M. It’s about aananthi who loved a man truly and was truthful to him no matter what happened in her life. kattrsdhu


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He is frustrated and even tries to commit suicide, in a system where knowing your mother tongue and teaching it is looked down upon by a society craving for material benefits and imbalance in pay structure. On one night, he intimidates a call center employee who flees after failing to recite the Tamil verses which a drunken Prabhakar gives to him.

Somehow, Anandhi finds Prabhakar and they share a poignant moment in her uncle’s home where Prabhakar asks about her health to which Anandhi asks about the time of fgee departure.

Kattradhu Thamizh Promotional Poster. It is after this incident that the encounter with a police inspector happens where they arrest Prabhakar for smoking in public. Prabhakar is mocie and he tries to commit suicide, albeit unsuccessfully.

This is about the man whose life shows what the society is turning into. There he sees Anandhi, his childhood sweetheart, whose father has also died in the same accident, in an argument with another family for having one look at her father’s body.

I was very moved. Prabhakar, the kid lives in a village.