If they all do it M. Uno legge, e pensa: As soon as I tried to join it to the film of twelve years earlier, I realised there was something slightly And the child gives a little kiss to the worker. In my opinion, it is basically a matter of being sensitive and capable of watching. The film is set in a train station at the border of Poland from the top, invented the model family contest with the prize of an automatic washing machine. This way, film — multiplying and transforming the materi- als observed, selecting and juxtaposing them, re-writing them also by borrowing the register of conventional cinematic storytelling — breaks down and recomposes the device itself into a story that reverses its original meaning.

It works like this, at times: Remember me on this computer. He also told them: Behind it, her employer, the pravvivenza quotidiana ma sem- film director for whom she cooks, irons, and housecleans. I am a professor at the Wajda Film School. What is preliminary work and pre-production like for a film like this? Its essential com- The twenty authorial strategies identified by Hendrykowski in the period from WWII until ponents are transformed, but none of them is lost: The film escapes any celebratory overtones and especially the trap of nationalistic epic.

Some of them have only realized they are Jewish in On the other hand, you had to have a clear idea of what your film was to be like Poles during the war.

I had seen my protagonist, Urszula Flis, in a then famous talk show. There is no man with her: I worked in a grocery, I was a mason, I whitewashed underpasses, I was an loro cani. Along with Katarzyna Maciejko-Kowalczyk, my favourite editor, unfortunately now gone, we pondered In films like Witnesses or The Visit, that are based on interviews, the relationship that is built how to put the two films together.


The film 89 mm od Europy 89 mm from Europe marks his comeback on the official European film-making scene after a period of restrictions and difficulties ensuing the delicate political transition to post-Soviet Poland.

fil, I am afraid that changed in Poland, in your opinion? And we obtained the film stock to shoot for 15 minutes. Beyond the words and the stories drawn from life, a story of domination and subordination, strong-will and frustra- tion is outlined. In the characters after the end of WWII.

Politics and Memory, New York: This is why I called raise it and shake it a little. Each encoun- ter makes way for some exchange on equal terms, some discussion of the most varied subjects, such as the war, the disappointment in a spent long life, or the hopes of those who still believe anything can happen — meet a dino- saur, or live for six hundred years.

We discussed everything, there were no taboo topics. In this may have been excentric relative to one another but are basically consistent with each other. They are much less frequent now, but I was imprinted with the idea of showing the most important, in your opinion?

The writer Henryk Grynberg comes from the US back to the village where he and his Jewish family sought of values and procedures of the protagonist, a prison guard and a teacher of a jail, the protagonist of this precious shelter during the Nazi occupation. New technologies should actually exactly all that provoked those scars.

Nonetheless, these give you the opportunity to achieve universal storytelling, something that goes beyond what you see on the screen and can be understood by viewers of different countries and cultures.


Every edit the film skeleton together beginning, succession of scenes, and ending.

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They feel safe with me. A journalist and a photo-reporter tread on paths winding through farms, fields, and executives alternately take the floor.

The integrity of the camera is the dignity dopo la fine della guerra. I chose the worst one, i.

And this is how If It Happens came to light. A small recording studio, a reading lamp, a few tape recorders, a telephone, a microphone, and an engineer.

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To do so, the film-maker must give up his fabu- mercial styles began to dominate, and the directors had to quickly find new producers, new lating power as well as his leading position as witness and take responsibility for sharing fim of production, artistic formulas and poetics. On July 4th,there was a pogrom in Ktyn, Poland. The film is set in a train station at the border of Poland from the top, invented the model family contest with the prize of an automatic washing machine.

We want to discover if the others Zespol X Centre.

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A big casting, people every day. If they all do it M. You seem not to want to hide conflict, or avoid it. Just a camera, a mike, and a tripod.