Speculation Against Danish Euro Peg Proving Relentless Bloomberg — Less than a week after Denmark resorted to its deepest rate cut ever amid historic currency interventions, forward rates suggest some traders and investors still aren’t convinced the central bank can save its euro peg. Default risk premia and liquidity premia the market for ND-denominated Greek debt would be thin would raise the cost of borrowing in ND-denominated debt. And China, which runs a loose peg to the dollar, is looking like it might have to adjust its thinking in the not too distant future. Japan has lapsed back into recession, and the BOJ has just cut the inflation target for this year from 1. All the countries had to pay for that,” he said. Second, Greece would only exit from the euro area if it was driven out by the rest of the euro area member states, with the active cooperation of the ECB. The fact that a basic assumption about the world is widely held does not make it true, nor does it make trading and pricing decisions based on that assumption efficient regardless of how liquid markets pricing in that assumption appear to be!

So instead they have no choice but to print and print and “the piper will be paid” by ordinary people, the middle and lower classes, getting poorer and poorer as their wages fail to keep up with ever rising asset prices. It’s a strategy they will come to regret. The de-pegging of the Swiss franc from the euro is one cog in the machine which has been removed increasing the likelihood that this unstable and unsustainable house of cards comes toppling down. The next is that it is “smelling of roses” right now because it is not doing QE, while other centers of economic power are, although the fact is that the Fed still has a huge tub of money from the last big QE to goose the markets. In an environment of excess debt and inadequate savings, wealth effects have done very little to ameliorate the balance-sheet recession that clobbered US households when the property and credit bubbles burst. These quants’ job was to figure out all the risk metrics for the hundreds of products, currency crosses and so forth that the bank was engaged in. Notable resistance spans from 17, to 17, matching the Jan.


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Stamattina Citigroup ha tagliato il giudizio a Neutral da Buy, il target price sale a 23,5 euro. Again, putting under foreign law most likely English or New York all cross-border or perhaps even all domestic financial contracts and instruments could at most mitigate this but would not cure it.

Larger Image Gold stocks corrected about half of their recent decline, but the strongest resistance was not reached. This scenario is just waiting for Frontline to show up to cover the carnage after the resultant crash! Our up coming Seraph Bullring meet will avail attendees of the opportunities available globally that we are personally involved puntatx.

As is often the case those selling the picks and shovels make more than the gold miners themselves.

Dopo una lunga serie di record, l’ultimo dei quali il 30 gennaio a 53,55 euro, sono scattate le prese di profitto. London-based macro hedge fund Rubicon Global was down 2. The real truth coming out of this earnings season is that we have had a tremendous inflation of PE multiples during the last three years in anticipation, apparently, of the US economy hitting escape velocity and the overall global economy continuing to power onwards and upwards. Nevertheless, if rates go negative, the U.

The funding strike and deposit run out of the periphery euro area member states defined very broadlywould create financial havoc and mostly like cause a financial crisis followed by a brezkfast recession in the euro area broad periphery.

D From the Telegraph: Such a reversal could impose novel burdens on payment systems that have evolved in an environment of positive interest rates. Additionally, there seems to be a universally held belief that the U. There are the good surprises.

Perhaps, like us, he wishes for a world where justice is served via a free market capitalist system. Le ricoperture permettonoalla valuta unica di risollevarsi dai minimi da 11 anni della settimana scorsa.


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What’s wrong with that. He offset that pessimism with a bullish view on the U. And we all know what happened when the Swiss decided to pull the rug out from under markets. The pleas would be likely to carry a symbolic stigma, if limited actual fallout, in handing felony convictions to some of the world’s biggest banks.

To be sure, most of the doomsayers have barely any knowledge of basic economics.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The huge decline in the ratio wasn’t able to push gold price lower but gold reacted visibly to a move up in the ratio. If I receive a check from the federal government, or some other creditworthy enterprise, I might choose to put the check in a drawer for a few months rather than deposit it in a bank which charges interest. What has actually happened is that ZIRP was initially rationalized as a temporary policy to ameliorate the financial crisis, and, as such, it should never have been a basis to capitalize long-term corporate earnings streams.

Whether it declines significantly or not, it could be the case that we’re just one decline away from the final bottom before the next major rally.

Rubicon declined to comment. Sulla scorta di questa ipotesi, non sorprende che gli attuali tassi ai minimi siano molto allettanti per gli emittenti di debito”.

Payment demanded on Nazi loans: Lena eventually finds a new friend, Axel, who falls in love with her. I know, I know Insurance capital our opinion: So where did this upside come from? The town is booming, and we still have no investment bankers here!

A spokesman declined to comment on the losses. Thus, when we consider ways to preserve wealth and insulate ourselves from the coming destruction of our currency one must consider holding physical assets.