Oct 25, David rated it it was amazing. The Book itself is a wonderful fictional read for any football enthusiast such as myself. All of which sounds like a lot to swallow as does the description of Pett’s even-better ‘Exposure’ when described as a retelling of Hamlet in the context of contemporary celebrity culture and lingering racism but ‘Keeper’ is an engrossing read. The sunlight bounced off his perfectly bald head. I was so pleasantly surprised by this book, and am now in the middle of the follow-up title, The Penalty. Keeper – Mal Peet 7 6 Mar 26, He is said to have confused the kicker mentally to miss the shot. If I did it in public I would be sectioned.

I think that this was a pretty good book because it was riviting, fun and interesting all the way thru. This is the place where a mysterious person appears, a goal keeper obviously, who takes it upon himself to mentor young El Cigueno and have him become El Gato, the world’s greatest goalkeeper. Preview — Keeper by Mal Peet. He is sensitive to it because his father passed the next morning after he won the Cup. This book will leave you with a jaw dropping surprise at the end. The young El Gato convinces his parents his time in the rainforest is the result of his fascination with nature.

Maybe is it the sense of magic, and a time and place that are so accurately rendered that you believe. The last character was a reporter, whose name is Paul Faustino. Kweper father disagrees, and tells them that his son is fit to be a mechanic. It was shortlisted for the Booktrust Teenage Prize. He even confesses on how he got to his place as the greatest by cheating on the last penalty shot of the world cup.

He also brings the owners of the team, Mr. This book is about a young boy who finds himself no good for soccer. So far the story is fairly realistic, keepre it takes a big turn into magical realism when Gato stumbles upon a perfect soccer pitch in the middle of the forest and meets the ghostly Keeper, who becomes his mentor. Tell me about where you grew up,” and Gato starts talking.

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There is an intensely brutal soccer game that mzl place in a clearing at the camp every Saturday after payday, and the loggers typically play the camp mechanics. These meaning we might here be able to change our life the course we take and our what will soon be future.


Faustino is skeptical and wonders if he’s being lied to. El Gato reassures him that they are friends and would never do pert to ruin his reputation.

He was very pleased doing so because it showed that he was respected. He learns that they were on their way to a game but their plane crashed and never made it. El Gato mmal the son of a poor logg I got this young adult novel for my daughter to read, but ended up reading it myself.

Keeper (Paul Faustino, #1) by Mal Peet

There, as in much of the world, soccer is the all-consuming activity, but instead he spent much of his time exploring the surrounding rainforest. This book shows us how to see it. El Gato quickly learned he was no competition for the Keeper. Although a bit slow starting, author Olot Peet adeptly deals with life choices, relationships, loneliness and believing in yourself while engrossing the reader in a great soccer story.

He wants to do the interview to receive a big bonus from his boss, p,ot Paul is obsessed with money. El Gato joins in one of the games and gains everyones mwl with his new skills and quick speed. P Kee [1] PZ7. But this one is about so much more than soccer. His father was killed in an accident at the lumber mill. I hated watching soccer whenever I did because I thought it was boring.

Unfortunately, as Mal Peet observes, “most football stories are as dull as mud”. It’s the story of a boy who lives with his family in the South American jungle who learns how to play soccer from a mysterious figure in the wild.

He learns skills of the game and of life on his own and prefers to do so. Other books in the series. He meets a spectral goalkeeper in old-fashioned soccer clothes from another era. The young El Gato convinces his parents his time in the rainforest is the result of his fascination with nature.

This book is very much worth reading.

Book Review of Keeper by Mal Peet

El Gato, the World Cup-winning goalkeeper, sits down for an exclusive interview and starts from his beginnings in a poor logging village. Some of the dialogue felt a little flat for me, almost like it was an untruth. The Keeper’s actual name is never mentioned at all in the book.

Keeper is about the world’s greatest goal keeper’s life story. When he won the Guardian Prize for his third Paul Faustino football novel, Exposurehe told the sponsoring newspaper he had felt that ‘football books for children were “pretty much hey”‘. I saw the blood in the air, droplets of blood like a string of red beads 3 Description of the cheering from the crowd, metaphor, page 97, The loggers in the crowd let loose a storm of whistles and screams 4 Description of one of the men, “sight” page His jacket it seemed to me was woven out of light.


The South American goalkeeper who has just llot his team in winning the World Cup tells his life story to the most famous South American sports writer in an exclusive interview, but Paul the writer gets so much more than he bargained for lpot El Gato’s story, and the keeper has his own motives for telling all of his secrets.

Peet described his creative occupation thus: Eventually, his father gets him a job in a tool shop at the lumber mill. Library of Congress Catalog Record. Sep 27, Oriana rated it it was amazing. Peet won the Branford Boase Awardrecognising the year’s best debut novel for children.

Chapter 17 through Chapter The main character is El Gato and he wa I never really liked soccer because I thought it was lame and they acted too much. I would suggest this book for anyone, even if they are not soccer fanatics, between the ages of 12 and Disillusioned and bored he wanders further and further into the South American jungle near where he lives, and whe This extraordinary book grabs you from the first paragraph and doesn’t let keepwr until the final page.

Dec 01, Francisco rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’ll probably read it again. It’s a solid sports book that delves into the spirituality that many people experience with sports. He has the chance to help his country win the world cup a 5th time from the year it started, and show everyone that they are the keeper competitive in any competition.

I never really liked soccer because I thought it was lame and they acted too much.