Discuss API on Discord. However his plan backfires when Fuyuki and Natsumi are having fun, rather than suffering from the cold. Keroro while he is scouting inside their house. When Keroro finds himself in debt, he decides to open a ninja training school, with Dororo as the teacher. The last episode coincidentally aired on 3 April , exactly seven years after the series premiered on 3 April To The Death ” Transcription: After hearing reports about an abandoned school building outside of town, Fuyuki and Momoka go to explore the building. The Messenger of Destruction” Transcription:

It first began airing in Japan on the television network TV Tokyo on April 3, , and has since broadcast over episodes, which are normally constituted from two 15 minutes shorts mostly and sometimes one 30 minutes story. Demon Night ” Transcription: The Extraordinarily Talented Dopamine” Transcription: Since nobody shows up, Keroro decides to have Dororo teach the platoon the ways of the ninja, however they struggle to pay attention. He is instead kept as a pet and forced to do chores for the Hinata family, which consists of paranormal maniac Fuyuki, his ill-tempered older sister Natsumi, and their manga-editing mother Aki. The Hinata Family’s Phantom.

Dororo, Saburo and Tamama find Mois beating up people and head to the Hinata’s house to investigate.

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In part B, Fuyuki, Momoka, and the keroro platoon except for dororo and kururuget stranded on a deserted island. Hoping to be alone with Fuyuki, Momoka plans an island ghost hunt after everyone’s dessert mysteriously disappears, not realizing that it had been eaten by the ghost that haunts Keroro’s room. In part A, Keroro loses his voice, and his friends go overboard trying to dub in his dialogue.


Planet Sengoku Ran Big Battle!! Keroro Killed The Radio Star! To date, the first 78 episodes have been released in English by FUNimation.

Natsumi suspects that Keroro will use his invisibility device to go out and cause trouble, so she convinces her family to install hidden cameras throughout the house to spy on episodr. Episodes 1xx 2xx 3xx Episodes. After training with Keroro and a few other aliens, Natsumi is ready to take on the part of Wendy. The Hinatas visit Grandma in her house at the mountain and the Platoon tag along. Not knowing what this means, he asks the other members of the platoon, and they explain he has become an adult.

Close Encounters of the Frog Kind ” Transcription: Momoka nearly drowns for real and is unknowingly resuscitated gknso an octopus-like creature brought by Keroro instead.

Space Detective Kogoro and his sister Lavie land in Pekopon and ginso Natsumi with random comments. However, when his cover is blown, his battalion abandons him and he ends up in hunso home of the Hinata family. He and Tamama install humidifiers in Keroro’s room, which drastically increases his intelligence and strength, but the room becomes overly humid when it begins to rain, causing Keroro to go berserk.

Episoed Classroom Visit” Transcription: Keroro calls Dororo “most popular and loved dororo heichou”, with Dororo getting all happy, ginso realizing he has been tricked. With Keroro realizing and telling it was actually him telling Giroro it was okay to burn it, they get tied to pieces of wood on a campfire and get punished.

However, Keroro orders new ingredients and has to pay a very huge amount of money for them. In B, Dororo gets angry at Keroro for leaving rice in his bowl. InFunimation Entertainment released the first English dubbed version of the gunzo which has spanned a total of six 12 to episode DVD sets, with the first four sets later released in two larger 25 to episode box sets. Uso Yyappa Yamete de Arimasu ” Japanese: In the end, the tiger horse was defeated, Dororo turned back to normal and Keroro can’t turn his tramua off.


Keroro and the Platoon continue to conquer the sea. That Delusion is Mine!

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Desperate for funds, the Keroro Platoon open an aquarium. Natsumi wins but Keroro has a plan B that involves the festival’s fireworks. Momoka’s Gunxo Year’s fortune inspires her to hold a hanetsuki tournament to impress Fuyuki.

Froggy Paddle ” Transcription: Then another Mois walks into the scene.

But it doesn’t exactly work as planned. In part Kedoro, the platoon snoops through the Tanabata wishes of the town. Natsumi accidentally gives chocolate meant for Saburo toand calls upon the rest of More Peach Summer Snow to help get it back.

However, Keroro runs into problems when Aki returns home.

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The Extraordinarily Talented Dopamine” Transcription: The frogs get mail from children from their home planet. Optional, please keep it short.

Giroro blasts off on a mission to find medicine, but first he must defeat a three-headed space monster.