Edit Details Official Sites: Search for ” Kidulthood ” on Amazon. For year-old Trife, life is a day-to-day struggle. This film was funny, fresh and mainly well-acted. For instance, I was glad Trife was killed — and I don’t think that was the director’s intention unless he’s far more subtle than I give him credit for. It’s disturbing, mostly in small gestures rather than the grand shocking ones. I mean its not like I’m a chav or anything:

Customers who watched this item also watched. I mean I do know people who act like the characters in this film and do take drugs and steal from shops. Trevor dies before the ambulance and police arrive. Some of the characters are implicit in her fate, but refuse to see their culpability. I also believe people are missing the point. The acting was also slightly wooden in parts, although Aml Ameen who played Trife was very good. You obviously have not been in a bad enough school. There is a white character called Mooney who is always scared and trying to stop his mates doing stuff, always saying “I’m not scared”.

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As a black girl living in London, I saw how this film portrayed real life. Added to that the film isn’t to bad considering the recent track record of UK films.

Over all, I enjoyed watching a well-directed, visually stunning movie that depicted London more realistically than ‘Notting Hill’ ever could. The language used in the film, the slang, is a part of life now. The upper class society have been doing this for years, ignoring exactly what they know is going on. As well, too much happens in one day, gemran trying to be the British version of the film Kids.

I have seen a bundle to Brit flicks that show a hyped by stylish glamorised side of London. Use the HTML below. Lenny forces Sam to his knees at gunpoint, and produces the note Katie wrote before she hanged herself.

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The only plus side is that it gave me some of the biggest laughs I have ever experienced whilst watching a film, something akin to inhaling laughing gas – strange for movis film which is meant to alert viewers of the desperation of the youth in underprivileged London areas. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

This film was funny, fresh and mainly well-acted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. The dialogue always being too polished or too neat, the accents as caricatured as Dick Van Dyke’s cockney chimney sweep the recent “Green Street” and anything Guy Gernan suffered from this in spades but refreshingly all this is absent here.


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The film was tense, violent and gripping and is a nice London take on the issues of teenage gang violence. For a sociological concept, see Kidult. Kidhlthood page was last edited on 25 Decemberat You believe the conversations the kids have and kind of like their youthful ignorance. Mark Kermode gave it a very sensible and measured review on his Radio 5 slot and I am in agreement with him.

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Trevor is shown downstairs, where Andreas a customer seen earlier to have missed a drugs payment is movei and beaten by Curtis and Trevor. Kidulthood was a fantastic kidupthood, showing, yes, a different way of life, but a true representation of it. We have all read aboutseen it and, probably worst experienced it. Sam challenges all the other party goers who come out to watch, however Alisa, the only one unafraid of Sam, slaps him.

Sold by Amazon Video Limited. This isn’t one of them. Edit Storyline A day in the life of a group of troubled year-olds growing up in west London.

Alisa and Becky unexpectedly run into some of Katie’s bullies aboard a train. A pretty teenage girl is bullied, punched with a bone shattering crunch as her attacker screams at her to pick up the ring that flew off her finger, Claire is intimidated by her boyfriend by him warning that he’ll tell everyone she is a lousy lay and that’s the clean version with personal hygiene issues, as she pathetically begs him to stop; it’s certainly not a film for those seeking a rose-coloured view of society.

For year-old Trife, life is a day-to-day struggle. Does anybody know what song the son is called by the streets when the girl in the film who is pregnant drinks that bottle of brandy or what germzn it is when she is in the alley way by herself i would really appreciate if you could email the song name and i think its by the streets also does any body know what song is called where the WHITE girl hangs herself hope to her from gemran at my email address.

A remarkable and striking British film. As I said in the beginning this film is an antidote to all those fay Richard Curtis film’s we’ve had to endure over the last few years.


At a local school, student Katie is seen to suffer intense physical and emotional bullying by a group of girls, as well as by Sam Peel Noel Clarke.

There is a white character called Mooney who is always scared and trying to stop his mates doing stuff, always saying “I’m not scared”. Visually fast paced, using sliding split-screen and cinema scope, married to the creme of British gangster rap, this looks great, hiding it’s indie roots and looking more like Steven Soderberg’s ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ than Larry Clark’s ‘Kids’.

Director Menhaj Huda handles things well from Noel Clarke’s first time script, again both are to be looked out for in the future. This is what you could end up like if your not careful. BigtimeFoShow 5 March Keep track of kisulthood you watch; tell your friends.

He is meant to a hard-nut bully who strikes fear kidultood the kjdulthood school. It’s far from a bad film, as it is, too, it’s just so relentlessly bleak and with little in the way of humour and light that it never manages to come off as a truly enjoyable experience in any way.

Yes, kidulyhood a certain extent, people in London ‘ghettos’ do speak like the actors in the film but the dialogue was simply appalling. Trevor desperately tries to call Alisa, but is unsuccessful in doing so. There are numerous examples but Sam’s treatment of both Katie and Claire is pertinent, as is Uncle Curtis’ slap of his girlfriend when gfrman interrupts his cretinous musings and Trife’s initial reaction to Alisa’s pregnancy.

In general Kidulthood is a deepdarkdepressing look on the darker side of London’s youth and by looking at it one will walk away probably wanting to take a look back at his life and see where is his or her future heading for. The film felt like a TV gwrman.

Trife — a black boy – then ‘stands up’ for Katie by declaring that he had sex with her — thereby clearing her of her ‘crime’.