As a compensation, Shin takes the trio to a clothes shop for a new dress. Upon arriving the headquarters of the school, they find a student named Ren Moroi gets poisoned, everybody is suspected of murdering him. The secondary pilot is suspected to be the killer and he is finally arrested. File 7 Hotel Europa Murder Case 3. Flag comments violating this rule and we will deal with them accordingly. Three culprits involved in a bullying case are released in recent days.

The gang devises a trap to catch the elusive culprit. I wanted to finish the original series and I don’t think that will happen since I don’t see subs either. But just as he does so, he finds himself framed again. They take part in the funeral of Haruna, one of their mates committed suicide not long before. The killer falls into his trap and is revealed, along with the shocking motive for the murders. Hajime tries to discover the murderer. In addition, two animated films were released on December 14, and August 21, respectively. Meanwhile, someone is giving Masumi orders as the curtain goes up.

Hajime discovers where the treasure is hidden, but finds a dead body there instead. In the next games, Shiho’s son is also poisoned and dies. Akechi happens to meet Miyuki on a rainy day while Kindaichi is absent.

Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo (TV)

File 11 Tarot Hut Murder Case 6. Koutarou is found dead, which surprises everybody. With some hints from Dpisode, Fumi finally solves the case and the murderer is the one known. There was a case in the Shuo High School when Superintendent Akechi was still in his senior high school study.


Everybody tries to escape from the order of Kindaichi.

File 13 Gentleman Thief Murder Case 4. File 7 Hotel Europa Murder Case 7. File 1 The Opera House Murders 5. Everyone escapes and is taken to the next stage, where they are told only one will survive.

File 15 Magical Express Murder Case 2. NSFW in this case, refers to ecchi. In turn, the killer’s motives are revealed.

MysteryShounen Scores: He figures out whom is behind the murders. Also I don’t see any English dubs of the series in the horizon. In spite of this, another murder has still been done inside the camp. More shocking scenes await the guests. Archived engkish the original on From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Hajime finds that Episide has someone else to accompany with, so he trails her all the time. Hajime figures out the real killer who commits the murders in such a romantic festival.

金田一少年の事件簿 / Kindaichi case files anime episode 29 | Ghostship Murder Case | English sub

How will this situation happen in the next? When Hajime accuses Detective Akechi of being the murderer, he reveals his ennglish for coming to the castle. Hajime discovers the final clue to solving the mystery and declares that someone in the group is the clown. They go to a hotel that holds the model show later where they spot a murder happened on the banquet hall.


The Files of Young Kindaichi | Netflix

As Hajime works to solve the mystery, new victims emerge. Hajime gets into a fight with Tachibana at a party. The next target of the murderer is Raimon Yuzuki. Kindaichi and a revived Akechi both solve the continuous case from their reasoning. They go to an island which is often called as “Ghost Fire Island”, where the deaths’ souls would come back every year at a certain time.

Officer Lee implies that a bomb had been hidden somewhere in Hong Kong, so he and Kindaichi go to many places, including an abandoned hospital out of the urban in Tai O eoisode, where the corpse of Liu Ivy, the fashion designer of the model show, is found.

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