Hikaru will be performing on stage, but has a nervous case of stage fright. Seeing Mya-san and ToriToshi in the newspaper, Na-san decides to try to become an idol, following steps that Kirari did to become an idol. Envious of Kirari’s idol status, Subaru secretly disguises himself as Kirari to take over one of her jobs. Sayaka to Miku to Natsuyasumi ” Japanese: Kirari has to do something to bring them back together. With a slim chance of Kirari debuting her first CD, Seiji finds a perfect method to succeed Kirari’s singing debut.

A Tearful Scoop at a Triangle Battle!? Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Papa is Against It!? Where can you watch all of the kirarin revolution episodes not including crunchyroll. The world is coming to an end and only Kirari can save the world with her voice. The diamond idol queen!! Kirari and Erina enter a quiz show. You can find the episode on anilinkz.

Muranishi’s director asks Seiji if he would like pursue a solo career, but Seiji doesn’t want to sing without Hiroto.

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That’s the perfect chance for Kirari’s grandmother to see him, and things get worse when Grandmother drags Hiroto everywhere with her But why is Kirari not able to do it? Erina, who fares worse, refuses to go into the water as water will only destroy her appearance. Blackwood is having a great start, but there is trouble ahead Hiroto tells Kirari that she express her feelings for Seiji.


Sayaka to Miku to Natsuyasumi ” Japanese: Seiji asks her to a date? Kirari and Hikaru are going to be in a musical, but Kirari loses her focus from only thinking of food. A series reflection takes place. Naa-san is a big help these days. However, a sleepy Kirari accidentally gets lost in the city, and without her knowledge of English, how will she find her way back?

Kirari and Hikaru Coordinate Clothes? Erina secretly switches the job to a more ridiculous and difficult task: Edit Synopsis Kirari Tsukishima, a gluttonous year-old beauty, is a girl who does not care about idols and the entertainment world because her mind is occupied by food.

Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit? Kirari learns how to play baseball.

Where can you watch episode 55 of kirarin revolution? Kirari and Hikaru watcg together in a department store to help work on their designing for their clothes line. Kirari and the other idols will make a show on ice, but Kirari can’t skate, and there is a special guest star with them. Muranishi eyes Kirari as a marketing model for a company called Rainbow Cosmetics. Kirari’s Quiz Showdown with a Genius!! Kissu wa Dare to Wedingu!? Love is in the air, and Erina has been lovestruck Kirari must compete with Erina Ogura in a cake commercial.

I don’t think Kirarin Revolution is dubbed yet.

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Kirari and Hikaru star as superheroes in a new horror movie. Actress Luna Visit Japan!! Kirari is not very competitive at these sporting events, making winning a very challenging task for her team.


Enter the Music Charts!?

But they can’t go alonebecause rumors can start Where you cand find all the episodes kirarin revolution? Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Meanwhile, Muranishi’s manager thinks he’s been cursed from trying to renovate the office. The ringmaster was proud to meet Na-san, but becomes depressed when his animals do not show interest in Na-san.

Where can you watch episode 7 of kirarin revolution? Like previous rivals, Izumi finds every method to cheat by intentionally hurting Kirari.

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InViz Media ‘s European branch licensed the anime for European release under the title Kilari! Kirari, Akane, and Aoi were chosen as candidates for the idol queen. Secret Dress and Brother Hiro! Finally, Kirari’s lyrics become her feelings for Hiroto.

However, Kirari’s unclear and strange mind of being an idol results in a rejection of her modeling for Rainbow Cosmetics. Kirari thinks of a great idea, a relay course between Myu-san and Kirari. Papa is Against It!? Add to My List.