Gomi confesses to his crime. But, runs into Akito leaving the stolen loot. Sana and Naozumi go after him. She decides to run away from home and stay with Naozumi for awhile how do her parents feel about this? But this time, he is serious. The movie filming concludes and Sana returns to school, but the rumors fly that she is dating Naozumi! Rei, Sana, and Naozumi have moved out of the Hamilton mansion and into a hotel room.

Singing and Dancing have been outlawed in New York. This leaves Akito surprised. This episode is a recap of what happened while Sana and Naozumi were in New York. It turns out that they’re disappointed with the amount of work that she has been doing. They need at least five members and a faculty advisor, though. Sana suggests going home to Japan. She goes back to school.

Sana learns of the interview, and goes to Naozumi’s house to confront him. But he was so busy with Sana he forgot to tell her that he wasn’t going. They soon find out that Brad is the one terrorizing them. Gomi learns later that Akito wasn’t the one that told about Gomi going to advance middle school. She makes a call to none other than Akito. Tsuyoshi receives an anonymous gift. The fake sana sends letters to past directors and actors. While shooting, Naozumi stops and just stares at Sana.

Her friends get very mad, and create an outcast of her. Brad reveals why he is terrorizing Sana and Naozumi. At first, Akito is totally against the idea, but then she bribes him with sushi.

Sana has fun with her little sister at the amusement park, but when her biological mother asks her to come live with her, Sana turns her down, and tells her she will never see her again. Rei then returns from Hollywood. In the end, she changes her mind, just a little bit, and allows one punch from Akito, who knocks out the other boy.


I met my Best Friend in the Bathroom Episode 1. Sana tells Tsuyoshi that she doesn’t believe in love anymore because of what happened with Rei. Fuka’s dad gets so mad he forbids Akito from seeing her. Misako learns something about Takeshi. Is this the end of their relationship? In the airport they were asked a lot of weird questions.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: She runs away and her parents are searching all over Manhattan for her. Sana cheers her up a bit and explains to Sicil why she shouldn’t be so selfish and spoiled about such a reason.

Akito does something to bug Sana, when they got close again. Afterward, Misako and Sana have a heart-to-heart talk. The Summer’s Constant Flames Episode He tells them that he is going to raise Naozumi to be a big star.

Due to an event that had happened when Akito was still causing trouble, Mami is scared of Akito, and Sana of course tries to fix this.

Misako’s ex-husband, Ryosuke asks Sana for a favor. She hides her shock and tells him how happy she is for him. What does Akito say to her? Gomi does some shoplifting, and then he runs away.

The kiss that ruined my life-plan Episode 2. She runs away from the apartment to be alone.

Sana gives Akito a Burutcha buzzer. She then gets her heart broken. The next day Sana and Akito are on the roof talking. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.


She tells him that she can longer believe in love due to her experience with Modocha. Sana and Naozumi leave for New York City to star in ‘Endless Summer’ which they’re chosen to act in Broadway musical together telling no one there going.

They ended up having snowball fight. Hayama is a big hit with the girls of Jinbou Middle School, Sana finds out the reason behind the drama between Fuka and Hayama, and could there be some competition for Hayama’s affection?

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Do they go back? Just when they are going to say it, Tsuyoshi, Aya, Hisae, and Shinichi come and interrupt. One night, they find Sana by herself and attack her.

Sana on the way meets two new friends. Episoe goes to the teacher to tell him that she wants to have a Karate club.

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When my elder sister is in love Episode What are his intentions with that money? Normally, Rei and Maeda would be dealing with paparazzi and bogus articles, but since they are secluded on the mountain and busy with the movie the rumor mill has been working overtime. Hamilton then makes an appearance for the first time. Depressed by the death of Takeshi, Sana leaves for the mountains and Akito convinces her to come home.