Back Together Episode So Sana And Naozumi try to protest the restriction. Sana gets a letter from someone claiming to be Kurata Sana. Rei returns from Hollywood and offers to stay over and to protect the two. On seeing him come out, Sana runs, but he catches her and confronts her. She sees the look in his eyes this time and realizes that he is serious. Sana is worried about the promise she made with her mother, which if fulfilled, might ruin the happy life they had.

It seems that Akito’s sister Natsumi is dating a really cool guy at school. The book reveals that Sana was found abandoned. Sana suggests going home to Japan. Dangerous feelings at Lunchtime Episode Will Sana and Akito get a chance to tell each other how they feel? Akito seems to begin to like Fuka a bit.

The Hayama family has a family emergency. Meanwhile, Naozumi’s mother, Yuko, is acting suspiciously.

Gomi learns later that Akito wasn’t the one that told about Gomi going episodr advance middle school. Then, for the first time, Akito’s dad walks up and takes Akito home, leaving a triumphant Sana watching them go.

Auyu and Tomomi two other actors the same age as Sana make another appearance as cops.

Fuka had dumped Akito Does his sister find out? The next day, Sana avoids Akito all day at school, she gets a minor injury and uses eub excuse to hide in the infirmary. Yuko has completely convinced Naozumi that being in the Broadway musical is a horrible idea. Sana doesn’t have anymore jobs and takes a break.

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Sana and Naozumi are on a plane back to Episodee. When Sana Returns, she is welcomed by all her friends. Her ability to have instantaneous happiness influences one of the girls.


Brad reveals why he is terrorizing Sana and Naozumi. One was if Sana and Naozumi were really dating.

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Fuka wants to break up with Akito, knowing Sana’s and Akito’s feelings for each other. Just as Akito will do something, Fuka holds Akito’s epusode and he then holds hers. Sana learns about Akito’s weakness, a fear of heights, and tries to exploit it, but fails to think it through. A chandelier almost fell on them and a huge truck almost ran them over.

This leaves Akito surprised. Gomi and his new friends beats up Akito. How does this affect Sana? Naozumi finally has found out that his mom never wanted to make up for lost time, she had her own hidden agenda. When she finds Akito, she acts as his Mom and realizes he has a fever. Grandma Shizuka brings with her quite a few other visitors. It’s the first day of middle school, and Sana meets a new girl, Fuka, in the bathroom. After working too hard because her manager, Rei signed her up for many commercialsSana forgets a promise she made englizh her friends.

He barges in and grabs her, heading towards his house. They all wear masks to conceal their identities. Rei gets upset because of a love scene. It seems that Epsode sister Natsumi is dating a kodochw cool guy at school.

She tells him that it’s over between them because he is still in love with Sana. So Sana and Naozumi continue to sing, and attempt to get this law reprieved. Naozumi and Sana do a scene together that requires Naozumi to be in character and, fall in love with Sana’s character. Hamilton while Sana and Naozumi start rehearsal. Sana’s gift to Aono, a little baby chick, has grown into Piyoko.


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She tells Gary that Naozumi’s kodocja belongs to her, and that she’ll only get away from Naozumi, is if Gary gives her one of the leading parts in one of the top ten Broadway shows. So Sana finally figures everything out and is right back on track. His brothers weren’t being very helpful either. How does Akito react when he finds out why Sana was fired?

She seems very nice but has an ulterior engkish. Brad tells Naozumi and Sana about his motivations. Akito and Sana gaze at each other. It’s a Pint-Sized Akito! By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. Sana’s friends welcome her back and kidocha her a visit where she announces that she and Naozumi are officially a couple.

Sana and Akito are stuck in the window and cannot call for help but their friends have noticed their disappearance and have alerted the faculty. She decides to give Aono a pleasant surprise, to Akito’s objections.