Petersburg audience, which largely comprised the most prominent persons of the Russian ballet. Leave him to me! That day word circulated about my “stunt”. The Temple Dancer ru. Petipa staged this scene as a Grand pas classique , completely devoid of any dramatic action. Petipa, who was on stage, immediately satisfied himself that his treatment of me was unjust.

Aller au contenu principal. As they are at the temple Solor thinks he sees the shade of Nikiya and is distracted. I liked its beautiful, very theatrical scenario, its interesting, very lively dances in the most varied genres, and finally Minkus’ music, which the composer managed especially well as regards melody and its coordination with the character of the scenes and dances. At the betrothal celebrations [1] Nikiya performs a somber dance while playing her veena. This particular ballet had never been shown outside of Russia until the Kirov troupe brought its production to Paris in along with Rudolf Nureyev. Then, at the moment the couple is taking their vows the gods fill the temple with smoke and destroy it in anger over Solor and Gamzatti’s false love, killing all within.

Each dance seems to add something new to the previous one, like a language being learned. The choreography is considered to be the first expression of grand scale symphonism in dance, predating by seventeen years Ivanov’s masterly designs for the definitive Swan Lake Solor literally jumps for joy in his solo. In the Variation de Nikiya often referred to as the Scarf Duet Ponomarev and Chabukiani changed the original staging of Petipa – originally, this variation called for Nikiya to perform her variation alone, with a long veil connected by wire to a fly-space above the stage, with the veil flying upward upon the final moments of the variation.

Solor begins to dance around the hall, much to the surprise and enjoyment of all.

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Bayaderf as she is dancing, Nikiya discovers a venomous snake hidden in among the blooms, which strikes and bites her.

The conceit of a party allows for a series of colorful dances: The choreography for Solor went through a renaissance as well with the great Premier danseur Chabukiani in the role. At this he lost his head completely in a fit of temper: This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Eventually, Nikiya is told to dance for the betrothed couple, and because it is her job as a dancer to do so, she does albeit very sorrowfully.


She conceived Act III as a way to teach dancers to dance at a higher level through being forced to dance in a way they never had before…. I had great success in this scene in the Danse du Voile lw Minkus’ violin solo played by Leopold Auer. By proposing that I dance her steps Petipa wanted to “needle” me: The true, original Minkus score was preserved in the theatre’s archives. Petersburg Imperial Theatres, with the classical dances of the character Solor being performed by the younger Pavel Gerdt.

When she is finished her dance Nikiya tries to leave but is stopped by Aya, who presents Nikiya with a basket of flowers and leads her to believe that they are a gift from Solor.

In spite of the fact that the production was billed as a “reconstruction”, Vikharev retained nearly all of the Soviet-era choreography. Get swept away by passion as it was bayadee in the 19th century!

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The premiere was a resounding success, and is considered to be among the most important moments in the history of ballet. You should be as stunned as Solor by the corps de ballet: Nodding, he decides to figure this one out later. No reason it could not go on forever Yew can’t danse one, lq can’ danse other! Makarova’s version is itself derived from Chabukiani and Ponomarev’s redaction for the Mariinsky Theatre.

Oh I do like that! The High Brahmin offers Nikiya an antidote to the poison, but she chooses death rather than life without her beloved Solor. Gamzatti clenches her fist and swears to crush her rival.

Gamzatti – the Rajah’s, ruler’sbaayadere who is betrothed to Solor. A Century of Russian Ballet: This upsets Gamzatti, but they continue with the wedding. It has many vary large jumps dominated by cabrioles and an awesome manege at the end.


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Solor is in love with…that dancer. It’s Elysian bliss, and plpt setting is eternity. Ce site utilise des cookies. Gamzatti then vows revenge in addition to the High Brahmin’s vow of revenge and the Rajah’s desire to kill Nikiya. Returning to the Palace, Solor is told of the arranged marriage between himself and Edith.

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Solor is blinded by rage and retaliates with violence. Vaganova revised the ballerina’s dances for her star pupil Marina Semenovawho danced Nikiya. When Solor dances with the ghost of Nikiya each touch, each turn, brings them closer together. Watch for three solos, given to the most talented young dancers.

Can you abandon me just like that? Solor proposes that they elope; Nikiya agrees to run away with him on the following night.

In an apotheosisthe shades of both Nikiya and Solor are reunited in death and eternal love. But most of all, summaey collapsible set costs a fortune! Gamzatti tries bribing Nikiya with jewels and intimidating her with her social position, but still Nikiya refuses. Confused and intoxicated, Solor fears he may be losing his mind and is taken to his rooms.

ACT 3 Forced to proceed with his marriage while still grieving for Nikiya and riddled with opium, Solor submits to his duty. The Diaries of Marius Petipa. It flows from the simple to the complex, but we are always aware of its bayadsre, deep in the dancer’s back, and of its vibration as it carries in widening arcs around the auditorium.

As he drifts to sleep the vision of an infinite number of sum,ary Nikiyas, clad in pristine white tutus and chiffon veils, waft into the garden. Also, at the beginning of the 19 th century there were troupes of Indian dancers touring Europe.