Much more complicated story than necessary taylor 18 March The film works on a number of levels; it’s entertaining, thrilling and also funny in places and while it’s filmed with Chabrol’s familiar verve and focuses on the marital relationship – it’s also a change of pace for him. Chabrol merely uses this as a jumping-off point and is soon introducing more twists than a hairpin bend on that very Riviera that forms the setting St Tropez. I strongly agree with the review that saw this film as needlessly complicated–a problem common to many of Chabrol’s films. Audible Download Audio Books. This film, perhaps because it isn’t one of Chabrol’s best makes clear to me why he is such a talent. It can also be taken very seriously as Schneider’ s character as the only female, takes a little more than the ‘male gaze’ from everybody else in the film and the varying relationship between the two leads is as puzzling as the film itself. A foreign viewer may take this story seriously ,compare it with Bresson!

She is often featured in scenes, present but silent, as men decide her fate. Well done thriller – I won’t add to the other comments save this — just so you know — Rod Steiger and Romy Schneider were filmed speaking in English while all other characters were filmed speaking in French: I don’t just mean in subject matter, which are generally taken from pulp fiction. Without the next 30 minutes, I’d have scored the movie an 8. She is the perfect cast for this complicated Femme Fatale role. They plot the assassination of Louis and build an alibi for Jeff.

Anyway lack of physical relationship for couple of years by thenthe young and glamorous wife falls in the arm of a young pulp-fiction-writer, and they plan to murder the wealthy husband, frame it as an accident, and then legally walk off with the money. He left me alone, something I cannot bear.

Could this be a kneejerk, paternalistic reaction to the emergent and vocal feminism of the period? Or is she simply that classic stereotype of the misogynistic s comedian — the bad woman driver?

Film by Claude Chabrol.

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Defniere director, further, is obviously a man, colluding in this too, filming her pain and humiliation, witholding from her all the information. Although mainly the mediteranean filming locations in combination with the outstanding weather are to be credited for providing this Film Noir with a deceptively pleasant yellow, warm glow, it is Romy Scheider’s radiance and talent that make Les Innocents aux Mains Sales a joy to watch.

Chabrol does it again. The film is unlike some of Chabrol’s other films in that the plot is rather simple and the film focuses on a couple with the surname Wormser. Many reviews and books are rather scathing about ‘Les Innocents aux mains salles’, and this disregard, although understandable is largely unfounded. Rod Steiger as the husband plays Rod Steiger but that isn’t necessarily bad but the weakest link is definitely Poalo Giusti, who has to be the most wooden actor since Derinere Harvey, as the stud cum assassin and for good measure Hitchcock buff Chabrol has thrown in a comic couple who clearly had their genesis in Basil Radford and Naunton Wayne in Hitch’s The Lady Vanishes but are now transformed into a Greek Chorus of cops.


Much has been said about the plot and the actors of the film, I won’t go into it dsrniere more details, just give a few personal impressions. Audible Download Audio Books. Several of these films, perhaps inspired by the tyrannical authority figures ruling Wonderland and the Looking-Glass worlds, invoke a sense of violent political upheaval: And between Romy Schneider, the St.

dernjere This is a story more into study of human sexuality, or rather a man’s and as pointedly told in the end “It’s a man’s world, where all the law’s are made by man” The main two character around whom the story revolves are the spouses Wormser Romy and Cugue and their problem is the lack of physical relationship due to the husband’s health, first we are made to belief it was his heart problem, and later told that he was impotent, it was one of those, or something else, wouldn’t be divulged till the end.

The story has plenty to it and is constantly interesting thanks to the numerous twists in the second half; but it could have dernieer from being a bit more streamline as the way it pans out does remove some of the suspense. When Julie meets young stud Jeff Marle, the two plot to kill Louis and hatch a plan to dispatch him and deflect suspicion from themselves.

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The major attraction in this film is not the story, which, I must say, does have some highly unexpected twists and does indeed show Chabrol’s creative skills and pleasure in directing.

It seems less so for derbiere story about a presumably sexually mature woman. Unfortunately, while this was where the film was going, the movie had an additional 30 minutes of plot twists that did a lot to confuse everything and make the story much more difficult to believe.

The femme fatale Romy Schneider is astonishingly beautiful and the subtltles with her naked on the grass in breathtaking. An interesting question that arises from this film is whether it is a film about misogyny, or a misogynistic film.


Beware of a harrowing physical attack scene near the end, though.

For a director fgue his intellectual reach, Chabrol shows a strange affinity for Golden-Age style mystery stories. Perhaps she is punished for her snobbery. This twists and turns like some manic giallo and Chabrol does not take himself too seriously, even allowing us to laugh – out loud at one point, that must be a first for me in this directors films.

Why on Earth did Claude Chabrol make such a mess here? Nothing out of the ordinary in the deduction process, may be a bit Sherlock-ian, subtiles the evidences for deductions were dernierd there, even to audience, to come to the conclusion the detectives or rather one did.

Then he travels to Italy in Julie’s Datsun to have an alibi. In Saint Tropez, Julie Wormser Romy Schneider is a beautiful and sexy young woman married with the wealthy retired businessman Louis Wormser Rod Steigerwho is eighteen years old older than she and infatuated on her. Was this review helpful? This is the first of many thresholds or portals that Alice crosses, or that block her progress, or through which she is framed by others. First, as another reviewer pointed out, the two leads Romy Schneider and Rod Steiger do their parts in English and the rest of the cast are speaking French–making it irrelevant whether or not you watch the French-dubbed or English-dubbed version.

The shocking, callous act of murder itself. None of these works were major works but some of them particularly “Masques” are pleasant enough.

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However, this is hardly enough to condemn the film. They plot the assassination of Louis and build an alibi for Jeff. My vote is lx. If a woman resists, either she is subjugated or termed as bitch or even worse. The films of Claude Chabrol are, more than those of any other director, highly unnerving. The whole bourgeois world that Chabrol so often chastised is here, with unforgettable roles by Romy Schneider, Rod Steiger, and Jean Suubtitles.