Awards and nominations Soundtrack. The Koshka Brotherhood hires two hitmen to find and kill Isaak. In the seventh season finale, Dexter visits Hannah in prison, and she admits to poisoning Debra. The consequence of her disclosure is a threat of reassignment; either Batista or LaGuerta will have to move out of Homicide. Archived from the original on October 26, She enlists help from Matthews, who tells her that her suspicions are unfounded.

Just then, Debra finds him and begs him not to kill LaGuerta, who regains consciousness. With LaGuerta yelling “Put him down! They search the area and find evidence of Doakes’s involvement, which LaGuerta insists was planted. Views Read Edit View history. Deb and Dexter were both pushed into a corner. At the beginning of this season, LaGuerta discovers a blood slide containing serial killer Travis Marshall’s blood at the scene of his death. Retrieved November 13, Or is the law just something you make up as you go along, turning a blind eye whenever you feel like it or Dexter is involved?

My mind immediately jumps to Matthews. She resorts to sleeping with Pascal’s fiancee Bertrand, which quickly drives Pascal toward paranoia and instability.

Discussions between LaGuerta and Angel Batista in the first and fourth season give minor insight into LaGuerta’s backstory; her family is said to reside entirely in Cubaand she mentions being alone in a strange land, implying that LaGuerta was sent to live in America on her own.

In season fiveLaGuerta and Batista begin to have problems, as she becomes too bossy with him and he becomes more impulsive. Dexd has been steadily sliding towards her brother’s twisted code since the Season 7 premiere, when she helped him burn down the church where he killed Travis Marshall.

Dexter identifies the murderer as Viktor Baskov Enver Gjokaj and later kills him. Reluctantly, LaGuerta drops it. What did you think of the season finale of “Dexter”?

‘Dexter’ Finale Recap: Deb Kills LaGuerta’s Investigation At The End Of Season 7

Dexter moves in with Debra so she can monitor and protect him. Increasingly suspicious about Dexter, Debra ultimately ransacks his apartment and discovers his knives and blood slides, forcing Dexter to admit to her that he is a serial killer.


Retrieved October 23, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Quinn and Batista begin to make amends as they investigate the Anderson’s and prostitute’s murders.

But this actually added a really nice transition.

She is a lieutenant and later captain in the fictitious Miami-Metro Homicide Department, and the superior officer of Dexter and Debra Morgan. Retrieved March 12, In the series’ beginningLaGuerta is introduced as a tough, ambitious woman more skilled in political gamesmanship than actual police work. Archived from the original on October 4, Only Deb has changed a lot over these last 12 episodes, and so has Dexter.

‘Dexter’ Finale Recap: Deb Kills LaGuerta’s Investigation At The End Of Season 7 | HuffPost

Debra, in tears, instead shoots a shocked LaGuerta in the chest, killing her. Dexter refuses Debra’s request to kill Hannah. Laguerga have no intention of losing [series regular] David Zayas or Batista. LaGuerta and Batista divorce after realizing they want different things. Meanwhile, LaGuerta tries to bring Dexter to justice, and confronts Debra with a surveillance video srason her in Travis Marshall’s death.

After George threatens to send Nadia to a sex club in the Middle EastQuinn shoots and kills him, then falsifies a motive. You are a liar and a murderer. Awards and nominations Soundtrack.

LaGuerta pleads with her to kill Dexter, saying she’s a good person who’s not like her brother. In the seventh season finale, Dexter visits Hannah in prison, and she admits to poisoning Debra. Do not read on if you haven’t seen the Season 7 “Dexter” finale, titled “Surprise, Motherfucker! However, Price dies suddenly following an interview with Hannah who poisoned him to protect herself.

She confronts Debra with this evidence, but Debra fends her off. Isaak Sirko seeks revenge against Dexter for Viktor Baskov’s death. So maybe Hannah McKay will be back for Dexter’s final season after all. The season seven story arc is continued over the course of the eighth season, which premiered on June 30, This eventually causes Batista to look at her even more negatively.


Thanks to some personal investigative work, along with Dexter’s input, she discovers that Miguel killed Wolf. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Awards and nominations Soundtrack. Or will it ultimately splinter their relationship? Also, Wayne Randall Daniel Burana spree killer from 15 years ago, decides to reveal where he buried his victims. It was a black orchid, so it was meant as a rather ominous goodbye.

Pascals’s increasingly erratic behavior results in Matthews being forced to remove her and reinstate LaGuerta. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Taking a page out of Quinn’s book, his plan was to make it look like Estrada — who he had just stabbed in the heart — and LaGuerta had shot each other. Speaking of Hannah, that was a truly bizarre sequence that led to her escape.

But back to LaGuerta, who learned the hard way that the Morgans are not to be messed with Hannah McKay leads the police to the bodies of a couple killed by Wayne Randall, but Dexter realizes one of them was murdered by Hannah herself.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Yes, it’s crazy people with guns who commit these terrible crimes. Dex’s corrosive influence on Deb caused her to cross that awful life. Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective.