Reset the load profile first and then the error. Check with a phase tester or universal measuring instrument whether the connecting wires are live. The meter may lose all data recorded since the last storage, i. The degree of severity of an error occurring is assessed as follows: They are primarily used by medium and large consumers and in the field of energy generation and exchange. The optical interface serves to receive a light signal, e. Measuring system access error non-critical error This error message appears in case of repeated failures when accessing the measuring system, possibly because of a completely discharged supercap, which causes an incorrect start-up behaviour. The voltage angles are displayed as in case 1.

Network quality events, can be stored in the dedicated event log. The analogue signals Ux and Ix are digitised in Sigma-Delta converters analogue-digital converters with highest resolution with a sample rate of 1. Ri Reactive energy in 4th quadrant: Apart from the differing capture period, the second load profile is identical with the first load profile. A fatal error indicates a severe problem, which prevents the meter maintaining measuring operation, e. Load profile memory access error critical error This error message appears in case of repeated failures when accessing the load profile memory.

The customer can exchange it at any time serles opening the certification seal. The motivation for doing this project is the fact More information. On medium and high voltage the secondary side of all voltage transformers should be grounded for safety reasons. Place a size 1 screwdriver in the upper opening and insert it turning slightly upwards figure 64 A.

The meter connections must be disconnected from all voltage sources during installation or when opening. When a magnetic field is present, event is set; when the magnetic field disappears, event is set. This would produce lsndis dangerous voltage at the terminals of several thousand volts and the insulation of the transformer would be destroyed.


L&G E650 Series 3 Technical Data

The arrow symbols of the tariff display must change. Preliminary work It landdis assumed that the transformers and test terminal blocks have already been correctly fitted, the current transformers are short-circuited and the voltage connections opened. Figure 62 Fixing of cover detection unit to meter 4.

The lower part of the case is additionally glass-fibre reinforced. It is not permitted to open the meters after delivery.

Range E meters are the answer to a wide range of specific needs: Figure 72 Service menu overview Service menu Pressing the reset key during the display check changes the display to the service menu or landiss to the service list.

They are mainly caused by the iron core of the transformer.

E Series 3 (ZMDAT/CT) |

If the error occurs again, the meter should be removed and sent to the responsible service and repair centre according to section 6. Checksum errors Group 3 of error messages of E meters Sum of values Value in hexadecimal code Program checksum error Backup data checksum error Parameter checksum error Load profile 1 checksum error Stored values checksum error Event log checksum error Lanxis data checksum error Load profile 2 checksum error Figure 79 Group 3 of error messages The first digit in the third group can have the value 0 no error message or 1 error message set.

The first value of the list associated with the present menu is displayed by pressing the display key “down” or “up” for longer at least 2 seconds. Subject to change without e60. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. If, however, the meter is connected with reversed phase sequence e. Read Before Commissioning The user must ensure that all operators are familiar with this operating manual and follow it at all times.


A critical error indicates a severe problem, but with which the meter continues to function and measurement is still possible. Brief operation of the “up” key again displays the preceding value.

L&G E Series 3 Technical Data |

Now place the stripped connecting wire in the lower opening and hold it there securely figure 56 B. The user reaches the service menu by pressing the reset key starting from the display check. For the test mode more decimal places are normally parameterised maximum 5 to permit a quicker test of the transmission to the energy registers. The error is serirs automatically when the time and date have been set correctly by the lanvis formatted command or manually in the set mode see section 5.

Fit a substitute meter as described in section 4.

This has no influence, however, on the measuring behaviour of the meter. They transmit visible red pulses corresponding to the current measured values active and reactive energy.

We make energy measurable and secure your future. Mount the terminal cover if the meter is operating serries. The meter has to be exchanged. The copper resistance is only effective if there is a load and therefore current is actually flowing.

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