We can still survive. You need a doctor baby, You scared? I should’ve known the tides were getting higher. Take it all the way! Girl, get down, It’s almost over! They could’ve saved me. This is my last request to you!

I could’ve been one of kings! You gave in to me, would you say the nights are far too long now? Oh my God, if only he knew, if only he knew, if only he knew. Remove the gift of Sight, proves ever cursing! I can take you home, Take my hand, Take my hand! Honey, it’s just the start of it. You just have to believe in me!

Lirik Lagu Asking Alexandria – The Final Episode ~ Hirzi Blog

I lay them side by side, side by side! You never said goodbye, goodbye! One scream, it’s over. When Everyday’s The Weekend Another sunset! I see you cold! I must be dreaming! You need a doctor baby, You scared, You scared, You scared!

Tear out my eyes! We can still make it out, ‘Fuck’ I can help you through this, But you have to take my hand! The shadows are forming as we burst into flames.


But instead I’m here drowning in finl own fucking mind, And I’ll be damned if you’re the death of me.

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? We can still survive. But then, She takes a moment to ponder, To wonder what could’ve been given another chance!

Fall Amy, fly, You can’t lie your way out of this one. You like to party! Oh my God, if only he knew, if only he knew, if only he knew. Cut me from ear to ear!

ASKING ALEXANDRIA LYRICS – “Stand Up And Scream” () album

You’ve got no fucking clue what You just got yourself into! The shell of a boy of the man that I used to be, A monkey in a man suit! This song’s for You!

The breathing has got too hard. What can I give to save me? Your world is falling at your feet, I won’t stop breathing. For us, For me, For good, Save her!

Get on your knees, oh! They said This could never happen! See more of Kunci gitar dan lirik lagu terbaru on Facebook.

To find a light in the darkness and a way out of this! Scars don’t heal when you keep cutting, Always fiinal, Cutting deeper, Always deeper!


Take it all the way! I can take you home, Take my hand, Take my hand! It was all sympathy and simple words of nothingness, Nothingness! And we can’t live this way forever forever?

Blood and ink stain the walls, silently with bloodied knuckles, carry on, hoping it’s not too wrong. Now you know just how I feel! Lay down your guns! If only I was there to hold her hand. What’s happened between us?

You’re drowning in the back room!

Lirik Lagu Asking Alexandria – The Final Episode

Submits, comments, corrections are welcomed at webmaster darklyrics. We make the stop, It’s time to be set free! Come on, baby, Keep it down.