Chris, meanwhile, reveals that he has spent three years reading Peter’s porn collection. Retrieved from ” https: Stewie Kills Lois Part 1 “. They mourn over Stewie’s corpse. Promotional poster of the two episodes. Willem Dafoe reacts to ‘Family Guy’ cameo:

Having developed retrograde amnesia , she starts working at a fat camp in North Carolina. As Lois feels bad for him, she decides to help Peter regain his place, turning down a night out to allow Peter to rejoin his friends. Lois, unable to stand idly by as her son terrorizes the world, decides to assassinate him. Meg enters the living room and tries to give Stewie a hug only for Stewie to break her nose by headbutting it. There were many different ways this could have gone, from an entire episode devoted to an extensive, far-reaching search, to a Willy Wonka-style romp around a toy factory, but buried in this episode as the other story the beats play out in predictable fashion. With the amount of cheap manatee jokes kept to a reasonable level, this episode also manages to find an excellent balance between comedy and storytelling. Would you like to merge this question into it?

Joe surprises everyone with three tickets to a Red Sox game just as Peter shows up to join them and they point out they do not have a ticket for him, preferring to take Lois.

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In Family Guy what episode was Lois thrpws up in? The cliffhanger ending where Lois returns to reveal Stewie as her attempted killer is a tribute to part one of the Star Trek: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She commented that it was “a bit weird” that the show was focusing on Stewie’s desire to kill Lois, since in the last couple of seasons epislde Stewie and Brian dynamic had taken precedence, while Lois was being more foil to Peter than Stewie.

Family Guy season 6 List of Family Guy episodes. Furious, Lois walks onto the deck to get away from him, but is confronted by Stewie, who has traveled to the ship via speedboat. Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Episodf he recovers, Lois finds that edge to his voice gone and no longer sexy. Carly Simon as herself.

Lois throws up on Stewie

Stewie gets upset that Lois didn’t take him on vacation or something and he sets out and “kills” her. They search the Griffins’ trash and find Stewie’s discarded gun and drawings. Paramount wouldn’t give them the rights, however, so composer Ron Joneswho wrote the music for “The Lkis of Both Worlds” and several other episodes of Star Trek: Merge this question into.

As Stewie despairs of ever finding the real Rupert, he spots a conveyor belt loading the bears into a furnace and discovers the real Rupert. As Lois explains her miraculous return, Stewie escapes. Eric Thurm of The A. Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names TV.

He decides to enlist Lois to take his place and despite her objections she agrees. She did praise the cliffhanger, stating that throas was intrigued about how the storyline would turn out. Piecing together a rudimentary machine, he is almost caught by the British Father epiwode gets away.

When Stewie becomes disappointed that Lois did not take him on the cruise, he relates that he has not expressed it much since he saw The Lake House. Wasted Talent although technically, we don’t see him drunk, he simply wakes up surrounded by beer bottles next to an ugly baby girl. Peter and Lois watch the sunset; Epusode noting that she feels like Kate Winslet ‘s character in Titanicbut Peter believes that she was portrayed by Philip Seymour Hoffman.

As Lois feels bad for him, she episofe to help Peter regain his place, turning down a night out to allow Peter to rejoin his friends. In the former, housewife Lois receives cruise tickets from anthropomorphic dog Brianand invites Peter on the cruise with her. Lois, unable to stand idly by as her son terrorizes the world, decides to assassinate him.


Is there an episode of Family Guy where Stewie has a baby? He did mention that the end of the episode was somewhat predictable, as they had killed Cleveland and Stewie.

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Peter joins the others but finds his jealousy and desperation leaves him out of the olis. Where can you watch Stewie kills Lois 2 family guy episode? Road to Rhode Island.

Peter even claimed that he was Bruce Willis. Six days later, Joe informs Peter that he has called off the search for Lois since he and his police squad cannot find her. Stewie Kills Lois Part 1 “.

Meanwhile, on the cruise, Peter proves to be a frequent source of humiliation for Lois, defecating on the poop deck and telling inappropriate stories at a dinner with the ship’s captain. As Rupert nearly falls in, Stewie grabs him and tries to retreat off the belt himself before falling in. But he finally succeeds when he gives Peter’s porn collection to Goodwill and writes “Vile Woman” on the wall.

Archived from the original on May 10, Peter has begun dating again, some dates being a Stickman and Bonnie, but has talked Joe into posing as Lois from time to time so that her epiaode doesn’t emotionally scar Chris.

Retrieved from ” https: He kidnaps Brian and forces him to drive him yp the CIAwhere he gains access to a supercomputer and takes control of the global power grid. Retrieved from ” https: