Retrieved from ” https: People with connections to the statue and the raft start turning up dead and Lovejoy is framed for the murders. Chief Inspector Sharpe Selina Cadell The sisters need money but their brother refuses to sell. Lovejoy buys Middle Eastern antiques from a retired diplomat, only to discover that the man is a fraud and the antiques are stolen. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! While Felsham Hall is up for sale Lovejoy takes the opportunity to use it as an antiques showroom, much to the annoyance of the auctioneer, Charlotte Cavendish. Lovejoy agrees to help the widow of an antiques dealer who apparently drowned at sea.

Lovejoy discovers that Turpin has tried to con him, and the cannon then mysteriously disappears. When Khadija returns with a man Lovejoy tries to warn him off and take the prints but they get away. Other people also claim ownership and Lovejoy takes the opportunity to sell his services to them all. The villain frames Lovejoy for an armed robbery and implicates the shop owner too. He also discovers his bank manager is linked to a robbery at an archaeological dig nearby. This is a list of episodes of the British television show Lovejoy which first aired between and Lovejoy finds some Italian drawings which may be valuable and connects them to the missing bureau and a businessman who knows Jane’s friend. Views Read Edit View history.

He goes on the trail of an ancient book and he needs the help of an eccentric expert to find it. The band ask Lovejoy to sell a valuable Andd harp to make amends, but this is stolen too.

And has Jane pose as a buyer to flush out the collection and steals it back for the school. When he finds a commode that supposedly belonged to Napoleon, he uses it to try and recoup his losses.

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The man has returned to England to collect a cache of gemstones that were buried in the grounds of a church, but he is killed when he znd to retrieve them. When the clock case is stolen, and Gimbert informs him that the originals are on display in the regiment’s museum, Lovejoy investigates to find out what is going on.


Lovejoy agrees to help the widow of an antiques dealer who apparently drowned at sea.

When a priest appears and claims to own it, she asks Lovejoy to determine its provenance. It is stolen from the new owner’s home and Lovejoy draws out the thief with another rug.

Ducking and Diving

His investigations lead him to an antiques dealer and her forger boyfriend. Lumbered with some furniture that he cannot sell, Lovejoy stores it in a pub owned by Eric’s Uncle Jack, who is connected to a smuggling ring importing stolen furniture.

He can’t supply an alibi because he spent the night on Lady Jane’s couch after his car broke down while Alexander was away. He uses loveuoy help of a supposed psychic, whose predictions prove to be somewhat unreliable.

Lovejoy is hired by a major to track down a travelling artist named Ashley Wilkes. When the man discovers he has been conned by the seller, he swears revenge on all those involved, including Lovejoy.

When a dealer is murdered for a Venetian painting that Lovejoy identified as a fake, the evidence leads to a wealthy American named Pinder and his beautiful daughter Caterina. It requires all his wiles and help from the gang to trick Gimbert duckng handing them over.

Written by duke aol. Lovejoy tips the thieves off when he is taking Jane out for lunch, and they are arrested trying to burgle Felsham Hall. Lovejoy is falsely suspected by the police of being part of the ring and is forced to clear his name. After Charlie Gimbert pulls his leg about wanting it he ends up storing it with Eric’s uncle Jack, a pub owner in the salty western marshlands.


A vicious loan shark gives Lovejoy five days to pay off a large debt. At Parents’ Day he talks to the Headmistress who denies all knowledge of the pornography and demands that Lovejoy pay fees owing. Jane asks Lovejoy to help a friend Emma who suspects that her artist husband Doug is doing something illegal. They discover the cross is a relic from an ancient chapel hidden in nearby caves and that a mysterious society is trying to locate it. He also runs into Lady Jane Felsham and the two quickly form a bond which displeases her husband, Lord Alexander.

Accused of deliberately doing it for his own gain, Lovejoy consults an old colleague for advice.

He hires Lovejoy to acquire an antique billiards table which allegedly had belonged to Mary, Queen of Scotsan avid fan of billiards, who had brought the table back from France in Khadija, a girl who goes to Lovejoy’s daughter’s Public Schooltries to sell Lovejoy some valuable antique pornography. After Catapodis involves Lovejoy in a fraud on a Japanese Bank, Lovejoy checks out his friend Cassandra’s collection and discovers that Catapodis has sold her several expensive fakes too.

They want to ensure that information her father lvoejoy about the Malaysian Emergency doesn’t come to light and embarrass powerful people.

When Charlie Gimbert is swindled and Charlotte is burgled, Lovejoy agrees to help catch those involved. Add the first question. When she is burgled and a pair of antique shotguns are taken the police arrest Loveyjoy. Lovejoy tracks down the man and steals the evidence he was using to blackmail Khadija’s older sister.