Add Image S1, Ep2. She is under the care of Dos Nash Aguas. Gelai learns from a supplier that a certain Valera ordered the same fabrics she wants to buy. Victoria forewarns Louie on not to be part of Louie tries to apologize for showing up to the fashion show unannounced even though it was Vera’s plan to humiliate Victoria. When Manuel is rescuing Gelai, he accidentally falls off the building and dies. Vera eventually returns home and notices that Chloe and Caloy were about to kiss and immediately separates the two apart.

Manuel Abella 94 episodes, While choosing the fabrics for Gelai’s wedding dress, Vera admits to Gelai she met Manuel in Milan and Gelai says her father was working there, which is a coincidence. Because of the fall he broke a rib and fractured his lungs and was pronounced dead when they tried to save him. Add Image S1, Ep3. Ledesma’ reports to Victoria Gretchen Barretto that Vera Couture is going for broke and it is only a matter of time that they will take majority of the stakes. When Manuel is rescuing Gelai, he accidentally falls off the building and dies.

Wildflower season 3 topic The third season of Wildflower, a Philippine revenge drama television series on ABS-CBN, premiered on August 14, and concluded on December 1,with a total of 80 episodes.

Herself 55 episodes, Leo Espinosa Hermes Agustin 94 episodes, Sebastian Sam Milby continues to worry of Alex’s state in spite of what she has done. After Victoria replaces Vera’s billboard sign, Vera’s had enough, and she tries to harm Victoria by bumping her with her car.

The next morning, Chloe overhears her mother’s conversation with her lawyer and realizes that she started the fire. Neil finds Chloe and she tells him that she is still in love with Caloy and breaks up with him. Caloy is unhappy about Gelai accepting the job. The series returned on its second run, premiering on April 30, with Araw Gabi, replacing Hanggang Saan.


Palo and Trina N. Vera meets up with Paul ‘Christian Vasquez’. Caloy gets beaten up badly and Chloe, Louie, and Gelai try to stop him from continuing to fight.

Gelai is still searching for her long lost sister and begins to fall for Louie and she admits that she has mixed feelings for both Caloy and Louie and wants some time alone.

Gelai leaves the party. Magkaribal topic Magkaribal Lit: The line of the commercial which is mixed of Ilonggo and Tagalog “Kung saan ka masaya te suportahan ta ka” “I will support you, wherever you are gonna be happy with” made him popular. Manuel Abella 94 episodes, Dolce Amore topic Dolce Amore English: Vera congratulates Gelai for the job. After Victoria leaves, Gelai visits him by giving him a dish and then the two sleep together.


Member feedback about Wildflower season 1: Anak ni Zuma Lit: Hipolito and Cabrera, beyond being from the same political party have joined forces to combat Vendetta and to secure for Hipolito the top spot in the mid-year senatorial elections. Two women, Tessa and Marga are bound by a promise to keep their friendship forever. mgkaribal

Member feedback about Ang Probinsyano season 4: Vera eventually returns home and notices that Chloe and Caloy were about to kiss and immediately separates the two apart. Caloy admits to Gelai that he’s in love with her. Member feedback about Doble Kara season 3: Manuel mulls over selling the shares magkariibal Victoria. His father, David Sr.

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Sonia overhears Gelai’s conversation with Hermes and later confronts Victoria. As Gelai returns to her shop, a spectator spills blood on her and it is revealed that it was one of Vera’s machinations. Tayong Dalawa topic Tayong Dalawa lit.

Anak ni Zuma topic Jim Fernandez’s Galema: Caloy finds out the reason why magkarinal mom needed to see him and it turns out that his she is sick. Sara goes episde Japan to search for Edward but failed and decided to do everything for her daughter instead.


Gigi Fernando 94 episodes, The provisions of the will shock Vera. Gelai gets really confused and gets angry with both of them – Victoria and Vera saying that ‘manggagamit lang kayong lahat! Its first run was from May 4, to April 5, Caloy arrives to see Chloe and realizes that she’s in a ralationship with Neil.

Member feedback about Oka Tokat TV series: At the end of the day, Vera presents it but Victoria only throws it to the bin.

Ronaldo Valera 94 episodes, Caloy Enchong Dee appeases Gelai’s feelings about the incident. Right after being bullied again, Andrew is enjoined by his mother to temporarily live in Pueblo Peligro with his grandfather Inong Nanding Josefwho unbeknownst to them, secures cursed objects in a secret chamber in their family-owned local museum.

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Second, she ingratiates herself with Emilia Aiko Melendez and then exposes her for plunder, stripping her of her position. He goes undercover and goes into a group called Pulang Magkarihal, a rebel group fighting for rights. Louie comes to the Vera Couture office to fetch Bea and Victoria accidentally see him.

Sisters Anna Kathryn Bernardo and Angela Barbie Sabino realize that their family can no longer be together after their father James Blanco leaves them for a Filipino-Italian model, Vera Alessandra De Rossiand their mother dies after getting hit by a car.

Against his father’s will, he took up fine arts instead and finally his father accepted his son’s decision. The next day, Vera notices Gelai vomiting and gives her a pregnancy test, but it turns out negative.