Aug 05, Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws rated it really liked it Shelves: Denial would mean conceit, and conceit is not the same as self-respect. How does his skill qualify him to be my soul mate? Overall, this made for an interesting read that I did enjoy to the fullest while reading it. Actuallly,I was skeptical about reading epics, this is my 3 rd mythological novel and i had to say that i changed my opinion after reading this, mahabharatha was a magnaficent tale ,it puts forth every possible human predicament before our eyes, in the form of its characters and situations and tells us the correct way of dealing with them through the various Spiritual messages scattered all over it.. Survival, weapon number two? Honestly saying, I have never considered Arjun my favorite character in Mahabharata but now I adore him.

In a unique approach to balance the male and female perhaps narratives, the author chose to retell the epic through the eyes of Draupadi and Arjuna. Then the scene shifts to Panchal where the kingdom is preparing for Swayamvar of Draupadi. Batari Giri Putri pleads with Batara Siwa to fix the baby. The love story of Arjun and Draupadi – their trials and tribulations form the core of the narrative. How would a woman feel if she is forced to polyandry? Mahabharata, the greatest epic of India, has intrigued the readers and writers from the time immemorial. Ever since I’ve known “Mahabharata” my two favorite people from the epic have been Arjun and Draupadi, both individually and as a couple. Bear it, or let go.

Kudos to author for not focusing on her marriage to five men, instead writing about how Draupadi managed Indraprastha and highlighting an oft overlooked trait of Draupadi. But what is not there, is nowhere else.

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He was not my favorite character in India One Chapter of it and I’m wondering out aloud “This book epusode arresting to the eye! Similarly, Krishn is shown here not as a god but as highly intelligent man, but author is not denying his godliness, rather Dr Shinde does not let Krishn the god eclipse his role as a strategist.


What really intrigues me about these two epics is that you pick any character – and there are so many layers – that the character is never purely good or bad. All of it were modified magnificently.

I first read the book a few months ago. Majority of authors forget this aspect of Arjuna. Moreover, the indication that there is much in the story is given time to time by author as in this excerpt: As war approaches, we can see these doubts surfacing, which eventually leads Krishna to answer his queries about why the war must be fought.

Continuing the aforesaid conversation, Draupadi declares that if Arjun has to marry her, he better be extra-ordinary. Mahabharata and Geeta without spiritual interpretation are precarious. He also has his moments of doubts about the nature of his duty towards his family, especially towards his eldest brother Yudhisthir. I stood on tiptoe to lift a sweat drop on my tongue tip. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

I am thanking on a personal level. Apr 12, Ishan Agrawal rated it liked it. I believe in practical demonstration. It might make you rethink on some of the events of Mahabharata and also see some of the characters in a new light.

I found many similarities between debutante author Sweety Shinde and nowadays mythological veteran and chief consultant of Star Plus Mahabharata, Devdutt Pattanaik: Loves to daydream and swim, sketch and stretch at yoga! The same can be said about interactions and conversations not only between Arjun and Krishna, but also between Arjun and Draupadi.

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Surgically going through the layers and bringing out to you a fully blossomed story. This book uncovers the mask and throws light on the real man behind the clothing of a warrior.

I did not know how else to love. But you will mahabagata to learn to forgive yourself. Draupadi The character of Draupadi has changed its shades according to the milieu. The language is also very impress At last!! In this saga of Arjun, he has been portrayed as a real epic hero; devoid of any moral flaccidity epusode his character. I ruffled the surface once in a while and gazed at the ripples- perfectly symmetrical ripples emanating from the epicenter.


This book is a saga of their constant triumph over the evils, both external and internal. And not just Arjun, this is also the story of Draupadi – who also bore the mahabarats of the responsibility mahabagata the war that was heaped on her. Thousands of books have been written taking cue from this epic and, still it has retained all its charm. To everyone, who are not interested in seeing battles and wars, this turns out to be a treasure. The episode is her victory – in the sense that she turned the scene from bestiality to philosophy.

Achilles and Alexander separately, apart from main story. Batari Giri Putri pleads with Batara Siwa to fix the baby. Here, the readers are introduced to Krishna and Draupadi’s through her own words. However It is rare for a book to captivate me so much that I write a long review on it, much less give it a second read. And, what should those readers expect from such modern retellings of the Mahabharata?

Since Mahabharata is history, perhaps Vyas was merely being a faithful chronicler and could not alter facts to what should-have-been. Giveaway for USA readers! Mahabafata is a dpisode Mahabharat fan, and this is visible through her work.