I don’t get what’s with the bashing of the reviewer? The reality of uneven citizenship has created a sense of isolation. And Dawn and its editors too deserve a lot of credit for not demeaning a movie just because its media sponsor is a rival media house. Saeed, who mostly equips his acting arsenal with scowls and growls and a tear drop or two, kicks in some class nuances in unexpected nooks and crannies. If the PM was focused on the wrong questions earlier, his approach to UFG is focusing on the wrong answer. Disappointed by the cast portraying Shahid. A young woman is conflicted when she falls in love with a man who courts her friend.

A few unresolved angles the husband-wife split-up; the rich father-in-law vs. Honestly, what a bad article. Years later, Shahid Noman Habib , an on-the-breadline prodigy youngster from Sialkot who works the cash register in a local restaurant, pushes the owner of his local cricket club Ismail Tara, playing Malick Khalid to try the team for a Pepsi-sponsored tournament. Sara Qureshi Javed Sheikh My Watched Film Reel. The writing is unreadable and unintelligible and has barely any sense of grammar that we all learn in grade school. Keep up the great work. Start With a Classic Cult.

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I Am Shahid Afridi Na Maloom Afraad 2 This is a singularly bad piece of writing. Their rivals, silver spoons who reach the cricketing grounds by choppers, are employed by Mian Asif Qureishi Mxin.

Sara Qureshi Javed Sheikh A gripping action thriller in which two men executes a plan to stop the war between Afghanistan and Pakistan within 21 hours. I gave up reading after the first 3 paragraphs.

I however feel absolutely no remorse when I say the movie was BAD!! Edit Details Official Sites: Baloch is plastic, and like xfridi most expensive kind is unblinkingly fixed in place. Writer, use the language which makes some sense and helps the readers to understand your opinion as a reviewer.


Three college friends are passionate for music and face difficulties for their common dream. The problem with the industry is that no one wants to appreciate a good mainstream family movie — especially from people within the xhahid fraternity. In my opinion all Indian movies are not worthy of spending money at all because viewing them negates two nation theory – key ingredient in the formation of this land of pure.

Actor in Law This review really helped my decision to watch this movie or not. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Basheer Bhatti Summer Nicks I still don’t know what the movie is about. I Am Shahid Afridi 7. Imam Deen Ismail Tara Micheal Magnet Mohammad Ahmad What did i just read??!!

For these self-made connoisseurs of the medium, I only point to the deafening applause the film collected two or three times. Estranged from his attorney father, an aspiring actor poses as a lawyer who becomes a celebrity for taking on difficult cases.

D The film is family friendly. Updated February 24, Dam fund disappointment The entire episode serves as a warning for leaders of institutions to avoid overstepping their domain. February 24, Tax directory IF humility was a characteristic usually associated with our legislators, one would imagine several of them being If the PM was focused on the wrong questions earlier, his approach to UFG is focusing on the wrong answer. A time for restraint.

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Arif plays Michael Magnet, a Christian who makes way for some minor obligatory racial biasness. Ho Mann Jahaan afrisi Saeed, which piles up, only to open a separate narrative track. SImple question, is the movie good or bad? I could hear murmurs about art and intelligence, as soon as I ventured outside the screening.


A retired security officer returns to save Pakistan from a major terrorist attack.

Want to Make a Cult Classic? In the Name of God A film that looks good, keeps you engaged, lets you unwind and then coerces some if not all to wild-cheering is a product well-made — and as the tickets will tell — well-sold. Start your free trial. I have read your comments time and again and all you do is bash. Don’t waste your money on it Aug 24, Shahid Bhatti Humayun Saeed This writer has no opinions about the movie in most of his reviews, but only likes to show off by using jargon.

Nice review but how could you leave out wothout not even a mention of Summer Nicks who stole the show and shone in every scene. Full Cast and Crew. I really liked the last two paragraphs in particular. Like every conflict, the resolution is nippy if not shrewd case in point: The nation as a whole need to support movies since they need support badly due to tough competition with mediocre Indian movies.