So that they leave them and live separately? Sameera Fazal Join us at: Forget about commanding respect, or demanding it….. Here is a hadith that proves this: We think, weak that our faiths are, that if something happens to our breadwinner, our provision will be lessened or stopped. The dream is shattered when her husband Faisal Qureshi decides to travel illegally abroad and is killed while crossing [

Husbands need respect, wives need love. Make that hell a paradise by knowing and addressing your and their rights. Her father marries another woman Shakeela who is nothing but a typical stepmother. If thats missing your compromising fundamentals of islam and that will prove to be unhealthy for your family. Aseer Zadi is now on air on Hum TV. I am also grateful to tabman and Ameera for their very thought-provoking input. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Everyone who has commented has given valid points, which need to be addressed.

Same like in a jobscenario when a worker will not say anything if he is mistreated because of fair of losing income.

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Yusuf said to his father: Notify me of new comments via email. A woman must serve her husband according to Al-Maruf, which means that the standard of society episove on their status applies to them. Men are the same throughout the world. To me it seems like you have already caused so much pain to your husband. Congratulate your guest on the birth of a son.

Our parents old home are their children. I guess, as the hair starts to whiten and the hormones calm down a bit, the brain starts to work a bit more efficiently.

That way, she will care for them later on. The help provided by a wife who lives in the deser is not like the help provided by a wife who is a city dweller, and the help of a strong woman is not like the help of a weak woman so the matter depends upon Al-Maruf — upon the situation of the husband and wife, and upon the norms of the society they live in.

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Or, as in my case, the husband can try his hand at cooking too. It sure sounds like it. Which girl would want to lose out on that happiness by demanding a episoe home?


Before I go on to discuss some even more degrading advertisements, I must highlight how all of them reinforce some fixed stereotypes of women in Pakistani society. Even biological siblings and cousins get into tiffs when living in close proximity, so what can we expect from people who were hitherto complete strangers?

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Labhda Video Song — Wasso [ Woman are “expected” to make fooooood for their man even in high fever…not because its their duty rather because it is “expected” that the woman “loves” her man to such extent that fever doesnt become a hindrance….

Go ahead, you just might be surprised. Browse the Latest Snapshot. The story revolves around Manal and Ahmer. Jazakumullahu Khairan, brother and Sister Ameera, for your wise and positive feedback.

So that they leave them and live separately? To each their own…. Yes, we create our jajazi monsters and chauvinists. Seema Ghazal Directed By: A young, exquisitely-dressed woman is shown in the kitchen, hovering over a pot on the stove, or even worse — in this age dramma automatic washing machines — loading her washer with a huge pile of laundry in the middle of her lawn. Yes we might be able to find a boy who can give all the worldly perks but then should not we be reminded of the Hadees which is episods along this statement as the wife saying to his husband that I can bear hunger but I cannot bear the hell fire as a result of Haraam income.

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The big Thirty-O stares me in the face a quarter of a year from now. In Pakistan, for most part of the day, television is viewed mostly by the female population — the stay-at-home wives, mothers, mothers-in-law, grandmothers, and house-maids, ihuda in the time-slot of 9 a.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here A father-in-law, mother-in-law, a husband and children — the scenario is same in every advertisement. They are misled about what a man needs and deserves from a marriage. Likeness, fondness, affection and then love are the stages that a married couple goes through and become one over the period of time.


Kashif Nisar Written By: If they want her to stay with them, she should unless the situation, in certain cases, develops into problems and there is no other way but to look for separate residence. Umm Kulsum got ready and took with her such things as might be needed for the purposes of confinement. Instead of giving him a portion of his own, they should have kept him and his wife with them at first, so that she eats with them, lives with them, and goes upstairs only to sleep at night.

However, my viewpoint is that we need to look at the alternative picture. Everyone who has commented has given valid points, which need to be addressed. Sighing, but not saying a word, she goes back into the kitchen to fetch his fork. Notify me of new posts via email. The same methodology goes for the husbands and work issue. And if a wife can do justice in both roles as being a bread winner as well as a majazii, then God bless her.

We think, weak that our faiths are, that if something happens to our breadwinner, our provision will be lessened or stopped. The solution is not to change the situation overnight but to win hearts. His wife has made it clear by her persistent servitude that her position, while he eats, is in the kitchen, preparing his food, while he dines. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Testosterone is testosterone and estrogen is estrogen.

Turning to Umar he said, “Amirul Mominin, why did you not reveal your identity? She has a loving husband three adorable kids and a very understanding mother-in-law. Another piece of advice dished out by another Aunty: Ehtisham Uddin is director of maazi drama Aseer Zadi.

Is that a dong of doom I hear in the background? Elisode we have the Quran-e-kareem to tell us about the fundamentals and principles.