Since we are Filipinos, we should patronize our own Tagalog movies, although Western films has its influence to our local movies. Like all facets of popular civilization. In regard to this theory. Television is one of the most used medium today. What is the degree of effectivity of Philippine independent movies as: Its politics is traditional, its culture modern and its media postmodern.

Whether it mirrors the world and state of affairss that is go oning about or is it merely another mere amusement for them. As said by a local Indie writer, Paul Sta. Those good old days of the movie industry were gone. Not to advert the negative effects entailed by these types of movies to the viewing audiences. What is the degree of exposure of the respondents when it comes to Philippine indie movies? These are certain values contributed or communicated by films and they are either good or harmful to the entire development of viewing audiences Maligalig.

The surface of Philippine politics appears imperturbable but underneath it, notions of the political are being reformulated as a consequence of the new media and its globalizing influence Pertierra, The research worker will carry on a movie reappraisal for the respondents and will be carry oning a study based on the movie the respondents watched.

In accordance to this freedom of expression the local film industry has the sky as their limit to whatever they are to portray in their works. Dependency theory argues that especially in our complex and changing society, people become increasingly dependent on media and media content to understand what is going on novie them, onlind learn how to behave meaningfully, and for escape Baran, This chapter tackles about the techniques and procedures that will be used by the researcher in coming up with the study.

It can give mobie consciousness that what is portrayed in televisions are true or not. Whether they are about social commentary, political statement, psychological study, or keen maligalug into human relationships, all of these topics represent controversial subjects that are catered specifically to niche audiences and markets http: The rise of Philippine Independent Films may have been a big step for inspiring Filipinos who wants to captivate their audience through what their perspective is when maligailg comes to what is going on around them.


That is why it is all the more saddening to note the dismal state of our movie industry. The researcher will conduct a film review for the respondents and will be conducting a survey based on the film the respondents watched.

What is the malugalig of effectiveness of Philippine independent films as: Movies reflects the natural elements of life.

How about make it original? As an art form, film reflects the culture and the beliefs of the people it caters to and most of the times is the one who shapes their consciousness Daroy, Under this condition, the viewers will not be benefited and will emerge as losers in the end.

This is an online movie guide. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours The prospects of good films in the Philippines, according to Red, is mkvie bleak. The theory, procedure, production, dissemination and function of art film, painting, music, dance, theater, crafts, etc.

Articles and related literatures will be analyzed in order to back up the survey. A movie acts as a medium of communicating in the signifier of linguistic communication. Teacher as used in the survey refers ,ovie a medium where cognition or experience is acquired Watchdog refers to a individual or a group that monitors the patterns of companies supplying a peculiar service or public-service corporation Compact Oxford English Dictionary. Let us create the best one for you!

For two hours or more, one could have some time for fun onlne relaxation Corazon, Peoples respond otherwise to shoot depending upon their gender.

Media, movies in particular has that certain power to cultivate us with the messages they bring. Professors from this categories would besides be given a questionnaire. The more intelligent would be expected to be better in seeing general deductions of the stuff presented even where decisions are non explicitly drawn by the film Maligalig. That is why it is all the more saddening to observe the blue province of our film industry.

To the local mass media which are largely the audience of this movies.

Those good old days of the movie industry were gone. What is the level of exposure of the respondents when it comes to Philippine indie films? Philippine movies plays a onlinr role in the society. B forum for exchange of sentiments? Maligalig, full movie – Full movie The encouragement of the film shapers to the viewing audiences to the messages to the film shapers becomes negative. The respondents of the study mobie be coming from several classes.


The summary will be from the outcomes of the gathered materials information and from the interpretation made from the questionnaires. Definitions of Term The undermentioned footings are made for lucidity and more understanding Aspect as used in the survey.

The intent of the film shapers is to carry the audience and the audience intent is to be entertained. Each week, we are confronted by a omvie parade of sex, violence, and asinine comedies http: Sometimes it portrays the reality of life.

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Since they are a great impact and influence to the viewing audiences. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. Without commercial breaks, the full movie Maligalig has a duration of 95 minutes; the official trailer can be streamed on the Internet. The Peque Gallaga-Lore Reyes directing tandem tackles a film onlien an an artist who has given up on the world until a young boy brings the world into her doorstep.

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Malgalig theories that explains the function of mass media in cultivating and impacting the audiences. Mass Communication theories such as attitude change theory, magic bullet theory, cultural theory, dependency theory and agenda setting theory. They are looked upon as function theoretical accounts.

Expectations on Independent Films. Due to an intellectual hunger that needs to be fed, Philippine independent films confronts real life issues that the society experience while mainstream movies offer the mass market escapist entertainment which divert away from reality http: It is besides used to widen the thoughts and add cognition mlaigalig the survey.