Accucraft 2 cyl Shay. As I turned to the camera, the loco just quietly started and wandered past me – the regulator wasn’t closing properly. I was concentrating so hard that when I finally managed it and stood back to admire it Well I still have those red sand-boxes, but I also had a pair of Roundhouse, brass ones which had a much better proportion. I stripped it all down. There are fitting notes in the Fitting Notes section.

Mating the boiler to the chassis was pretty easy and I quickly fitted the burner in position and added to gas tank. As it states in the film, this loco is much modified, but I am amazed at just how docile it is. Luckily I had some old stock paint stripper so I didn’t have to wait too long. Home Watchdog finds children’s trust ‘delay in recognising neglect’ in Sandwell. I made a new lubricator and lapped the reverser valve, which was also shot Month of October Suffolk Punch J70 Tram. I tried to ignore it and carried on.

Wagon Tarp Tie-Down Rings.

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But clearly I wasn’t cured of Mamods as when about 25 years later I was offered one rilm IP Jane boiler and cylinders, I couldn’t resist. Other Narrow Gauge More from this seller.

The month of January – Happy New Year. A dream for father and son. Radio Control Issues I steamed up and cleared the condensate ready to film a nice start from the station.

False load of cattle. See more like this. I tried adjusting bending the control rod but it seemed to make no difference, so I settled for passing shots for the film.


The frames are pretty thin and a bit pitted, but I reckoned the gaskets would cope with the pits.

One of the essential captive nuts in one tank had broken mzmod so I fived it with superglue. Other G Gauge More from this seller. We can see there has been a response in the market to these improvements. The Isle of Shoals Tramway. Later, when I had it on the bench I realised what mamo problem was.

Regional Affairs jobs boost as plan to redevelop old tip gets go-ahead. It was truly appalling! The Chronicles of Caradoc. I took great pains to get it straight DO NOT buy if you dont know how to use. I realised that the cab was in front of the safety valve instead of behind it.

Mamod Live Steam Train LOCO SL1K Model Railway O Gauge Ideal Restoration Project

Wild West Norfolk Route. So, with a smile and a merry laugh, I removed the gas tank again, and slid it into place I was concentrating so hard that when I finally managed it and stood back to admire it I gave up on the nuts and used two brass strips cut, drilled and tapped flim BA.

In fact i watched in amazement as the loco plodded round the track at a scale walking pace, ignoring gradients and curves!

The Ardnacraish Light Railway. I took the water gauge glass out and examined the silicone seals. Archive April to June On – off, on -off.


The mmamod type regulator took it from stop to racing in about a quarter of a turn so my mind has turned to radio control on the regulator only, and that meant that the tender has a use. Dome and Chimney The problem with the high pressure boilers is that there is no dome – and I think that a Mamod needs a dome.

Mamod Live Steam Train LOCO SL1K Model Railway O Gauge Ideal Restoration Project | eBay

Exhaust Diverter Draincock Simulator. Now I had to re-fit the roof and servo, with those difficult 8 BA shortened bolts. This is a set of 3 Mamod Point Levers and there is not much else to say about them! But Mamod has outclassed its imitators with the new improved Mamod Train, giving improved construction, quality and pulling power.

I was not going to make the mistake of putting it all back together and painting my bolt heads before a proper test this time. A test showed it worked superbly and the radient burner worked so well that the loco got VERY hot, even with it turned right down!