And one more thing is that the toms don’t get pierced by the tom arms, which improves the sound of the drums. The factory heads are a little cheap, but you can’t expect much. The toms provide a deep clear sound, whilst the snare is still sharp and snappy but also very clear and unquic. I’m not sure about the mapex hardware as I got Pearl stuff with my kit. The kits also include a few features normally found on Mapex’s higher ranges. The Mapex M-Series looks good, sounds good, and is worth the money you pay for it. Hardware The Mapex M Birch comes standard with Mapex series hardware and includes a double tom mount for the bass drum, two single tom mounts and two Mapex clamps.

The outer layer of maple on the M Birch is unlikely to make a significant contribution to the way the drums sound so, to all intents and purposes, this is an all-birch kit. This old model comes with the ultra-rare transparent lacquer finish from the extra maple ply; mine is transparent purple One of the best parts of the kits, beats the peral exports hands down by far, trust me. In the crowded market the kit is aimed at, specifications grow ever higher. Anyway, for the money they are very good drums. I am often complimented on my drum sound. Everything is well built and sturdy. Price I got this kit from my local music store.

Image 4 of 4 10″x9″, 12″x10″ and 14″x12″ rack toms. Then Mapex produced an all maple version briefly before switching to the M-Pro series, which does come in birch or maple. I figure maybe the price will be a little cheaper than other brands. The new hardware on Meridian drums are much better and Mapex’s new patented lugs are really impressive too and secure. Birch mqpex a classic drum material that was briefly overshadowed in a clamour for more exotic woods. Keep these things coming guys.


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Great attack with a good amount of overtones. Request a new review. Honestly, I got more than what I bargained for. I agree about most of the fades – and I like the true wood-grain look.

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A heavy tripod base makes the stool feel stable, but the cushion could have more padding. Find More Posts by kev Even though mine’s out-dated, it’s rare and it sounds killer. Find all posts by alparrott. Pacific is making drums in China now also,seems like everybody is building drums there now. He doesn’t have the 8″ set up anymore. And one more thing is that the toms don’t get pierced by the tom arms, which improves the sound of the drums.

Hey RumStik, let us know how you like the EC1s. Seies, they are untreated, but have been sanded smoothly, and the bearing edges are carefully cut at 45 degrees.

Maped Posted by Chippy I bought this kit from the Newcastle Drum Centre in England. It looks like I won’t get the price down, he says he has a pocket full of other people interested, but I’m going to head up on Saturday and check it out.


The amount of choice is staggering compared with just a few years ago. And getting my drums from home is not an option.

The toms are hung sreies way of suitably capable ball and socket holders, which perform their task with quiet efficiency. Hardware is sturdy and takes beating. Write a user review Ask for a user review. General Discussion General discussion forum for all drum related topics.

Similarly priced sets come with crappy wrapped finishes that not only look bad, but kill the sound. In this regard, the M Birch’s professional lacquer finish and good hardware pack help it add more value for money. Great reference for people interested in this line. I’m just new to buying a drum kit and I don’t want to be ripped off. Also I don’t really like the idea of big toms so I got the fusion sizes as you get a “normal” sized bass drum with them.

Tried to add a 10″ to it, but got mixed up at Mapex and now they no longer even produce the color. You keep telling me how much you hate the damn thing! You can take what you saved and upgrade the cymbals when you feel the need.

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