I cannot fault the 7S1 and 9S1 in any area. Back then that was the world of high fidelity with other front runners such as Bozak, H. Thus, the MA-9S2 will likely be able to drive the most demanding speakers at high volume for long periods. In my experience this is the best amp that I have ever in my system. All in all, it would be easy to conclude that, sonically, the SC-7S2 would be more at home in the urbane environment of a really high-end system. While it took a number of ownership changes and corporate reorganizations for Marantz to get back on its feet and be recognized again as a stalwart in the high-end audio world, the actual credit here goes to one man, Ken Ishiwata, who persisted in the face of the Japanese corporate culture and who was instrumental in leading a program that returned Marantz products to a renowned level. He decided to remove it from his Mercury and put it in his house, where it would get more use.

While listening in the near-field my reference tube amp and preamp are slightly forward, the Marantz are very slightly laid back; of course, this is so dependent on your speakers and the nature of your room acoustics. The soundstage is both wide and deep, with each instrument and voice precisely placed — the speakers virtually disappearing. The cosmetics remained the same as they had been for S1 version. Read more on Page 2. While the Marantzes revealed no significant sonic flaws, one weakness of the SC-7S2 is its remote control. How do I know this? The Esoteric MGs displayed their state-of-the-art speed and transparency in spades.

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That proposition would now decisively be put swries the test.

Saul Marantz introduced the Model 7 Stereo Preamplifier in and the Model 9 Amplifier in my estimation, his most coveted product in It gets no scarier than recerence, for K. For me this CD contains exceedingly exciting dynamics when, for example, the piano seemingly explodes having been forcefully pounded by Tsuyoshi Yamamoto in his more exuberant moments.

Our founder, Saul B. Copper coating isolated delicate internal circuitry from extraneous interference. Enter text from picture: But those kinds of generalities apply to most good and, yes, even great products. Believe me, that was quite an interesting experience; it placed the differences between excellent all tube amplification and excellent all solid state amplification in some contrast.


Don’t show me this message again. Marantz claims that this increase dramatically improves the bass response. In consideration refrence these conditions, the MA9-S2 is capable of supplying more than Amps of Peak Current in short but adequate bursts, from a power supply that features a choke input and a double-shielded, low noise toroidal transformer.

Marantz Reference Series MA-9S1 Brochure & Specs

Msrantz were very powerful, yet musical and capable of producing great finesse. Shottky barrier diodes provide rectification for the power supply for the voltage amplification stage to eliminate subtle ripples that can negatively impact overall clarity.

Noise was lowered and a choke input power supply was implemented. SUMMING UP If Saul Marantz were around today, I seris he would agree that the new Marantz Reference Series solid state duo has kept the promise of the original Models 7 and 9 with a design that leaves nothing to chance in creating an excellent stereo preamp and outstanding monoblock amplifiers that take their place, in my experience, among the very finest in analog amplification available today.

No harm to the amp, or seties speaker. W mm, H mm, D mm Weight Nothing happened even when there have been times when the MA-9S2s were subjected to some pretty nasty situations. The Audio Consolette solved this problem by internally incorporating many EQ curves, thus permitting it to correctly play almost any record.

Shottky barrier diodes provide rectification for the voltage amplification stage to eliminate subtle ripples that can negatively impact overall clarity. What You See… In the tradition of the original Marantz Model 9, the front panel of the MA9-S2 contains a “high-precision” power meter to monitor the amplifier output. I must tell you that the reliability has been perfect during this time with nary a whimper or a hint trouble.

Rated at W into 8 ohms, W into 4 ohms and 1,W into 2 ohms, the Seris is unlikely to meet a speaker it can’t whup. The back is filled with top-quality phono connectors for all inputs and two sets of unbalanced outputs, plus XLRs for balanced input and output.

Authority and control is beyond reproach. This was not a common design philosophy for home audio products in those days.


First, consider the power supply. Among other impressive design features are: This preamp was unique in addressing the fact that, at the time, recording studios used several different standards for LP recording equalization, which made it impossible to properly play all LPs through a single preamplifier. The MA-9S2 monoblocks have been in my ma-9z1 for the last 18 months. Although this “brute force” approach might be adequate for some, the S2 incorporates several advances designed to further improve sound quality.


Marantz US | MA-9S2

Two ,uF capacitors are used to filter the amp power supply. With all the ups and downs that occurred in the intervening years, it was an auspicious event when, inthe then current brain trust of Marantz saw fit to commemorate the name’s 50 year anniversary. But these models did not achieve their meaty yet elegant sound at the expense of any significant sonic virtue.

The brand represents the pinnacle of automotive and home audio luxury. Or you can switch it off completely for concentrated listening.

But when the S2 was introduced, something told me that I should upgrade. That’s it, which means for a slim and uncluttered remote control.

AC is converted to Erference via Schottky barrier rectifier diodes, which are known to produce minimal noise. For one thing, the MA-9S2 is one exquisite piece of equipment.

The Model 7 accommodated all those available, enabling the music lover to precisely equalize or come damn close to the frequency response of the chosen LP. James Ludoviconi told me that this feature was omitted from the Reference models because it can introduce noise to the circuit.

However, the Marantz monoblocks sounded more tonally accurate, liquid, and precise, and had better bass than the Bryston. But when I supported them on the Avalon Apex stainless steel cones ,arantz the Ayre Myrtlewood blocks, I heard subtle, but significant to me, sonic differences. During the last couple of minutes, the meter hovered between dB and dB -0dB represents full power. Back in the days when I was a young music lover and eeries budding audiophile, the biggest names in audio were Marantz and McIntosh — tubes, not solid state.

Next, a symmetrical eight transistor current mirror circuit stage feeds the triple push-pull output stage that consisting of 12 power transistors.

It’s all ever so much there: Back then that was the world of high fidelity with other front runners such as Bozak, H. If I had to pick one recording of the hundreds of CDs and LPs I have listened to over these many months, this one would surely represent the balanced, neutral, wide and deep soundstage of which this amp is capable.