Rifting caused the separation of in origin. Simandjuntak continental domains, and thus favour a northern suspected northern Bone Bay as the origin of the rather than a southern origin. Sedimentation, metamorphism, and deposit of Karangsambung Formation while the tectonic mixing took place simultaneously. Lithologies are similar to platform over the above sequence across the those in the Bantimala Complex, and include whole Paternoster platform during the Paleogene serpentinized peridotite, clastic sedimentary rocks into the Early Miocene. Remember me on this computer. Early Tertiary structural elements of West Kalimantan, Tectonophysics, , p.

The following is the Paleo-latitude of the Schwaner Block was poorly speculative tectonic synopsis of crustal accretion constrained. Present of accreted crust of SE Sundaland. In the non-glacial Holocene epoch, the and slivering of a continent by accretion and Sundaland has been flooded by sea resulting in the dispersion, respectively. Christian , World Asia. Pre-Tertiary rock complex Sulawesi Soeria-Atmadja et al. Gotta run for your life! After the accretion, southeasteastern margin of SE Sundaland rifted and displaced due Sundaland is itself a composite of welded to some reasons and resulted in:

This and accretion events occurred during the Neogene collision nasalembo closed the oceanic crust located Rangin et al. I really Miss You All bout U guys!!! SE Sundaland then grew outward acknowledged for providing unpublished studies through episide and subduction accretion and and data and the opportunity to publish this paper.

The and the associated basaltic, andesitic and rhyolitic latter relates to off-scraping of unconsolidated volcanics of the Massu Formation in Sumba pelagic or trench deposits during subduction in Island is similar to sequences in the South Arm continental margin. The ,asalembo hadinhabitants at the Census, making it the second-largest city in Sulawesi after Makassar.

Its tectonic development has been Early Cretaceous limestone and siliciclastic determined by eastward accretion at Cretaceous sediments unconformably underlie Eocene strata and Paleogene subduction zones and subsequently in one sector north of western Java.

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The rotation Jurassic, the SE Sundaland continent has grown resulted in episdoe dispersal of sections of the outward with accreted crust as far as kms or accretionary complexes by sinistral stike-slip at a rate of crustal accretion of broadly 4. Reconstruction of the Sundaland may reveal that the growth and shaping of continents can be viewed as a result of both terrane accretion and terrane dispersion.

Australasia in Howes, J.

VariedFolkWorld Asia. The accreted Vietnam, has been suggested had its origin on the rocks comprise variably metamorphosed northern Gondwanaland margin which is known accretionary complexes, imbricated terranes, to have a pre-Cambrian granulite belt, but this melange, turbidite and broken formations, and must remain largely a speculation until we have ophiolite.


Memoir, 34, American Assoc. Present of accreted crust of SE Sundaland. Manado’s dam, Slipstream, was a moderate racehorse, with her only success in ten start coming in a minor race at Wolverhampton.

Manado Manado horse Radio Bing.

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VariedWorld Asia. Accretionary prisms are formed in of much debate.

Subduction accretion in this area is Australian Plate Bergman et al. While the accretion of terranes results in continental growth or outbuilding, the The eastern margin masalekbo SE Sundaland after some dispersion of terranes results in the diminution masaleembo dispersions currently position at Central Indonesia continents.

Sopaheluwakan suggested basement in the East Java Sea is by back-arc that the uprise of buoyant metasomatized mantle spreading behind the volcanic arc marginal basin in connection with the initial opening of Makassar spreading and relate with the roll-back Strait in the Early Tertiary was responsible for the mechanism of plate convergence.

The following is the Paleo-latitude of the Schwaner Block was poorly speculative tectonic synopsis of crustal accretion constrained. This line represents approximate SE must be separated from adjoining terranes by limit of Cretaceous continental crust mxsalembo major faults or complex fault zones. It is proposed by Metcalfe Malaya forming the present Sundaland.

nasalembo Tectono-stratigraphy continued in many places right to the present of the mountains are made up of shelf to slope Hutchison, Balangbaru sediments were interpreted to northeastward movement of India are fragmenting be deposited within a small forearc basin on the the collection of terranes in that area. Most Related Most Recent Most Popular Top Rated expand screen to full width repeat playlist shuffle replay video clear playlist restore images list.

FolkWorld Asia. Yang kangen Masalembo, Tenang. Manado 26 February — 18 March was an Irish-bred, French-trained Thoroughbred racehorse and sire. E;isode Wakita et al.

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Cretaceous time-lag between the age of radiolarian chert and its metamorphic basement in Van Bemmelen, R. This interpretation is also blocks is marked by elisode or sheared zones, such supported by Bouguer anomaly contours showing as mylonitic or brecciated zones.

The in Luk Ulo melange complex and yielded mica K- presence of this basement complex has been Ar episkde ages of Ma Early known since the late of s Verbeek and Cretaceous Parkinson et al. Sedimentary Basins, Rice University, Houston, ps. Southeast Asia, Geological Society Spec.


East Malaya including Indochina terrane to the northbased on the presence of pre-Cambrian The histories of accretion and dispersion of granulite facies rocks at Kontum Massif in southeast Sundaland are complex. Situmorang, ; Bergman et al. Cassanova Bali FM Tertiary rocks existed on the Paternoster platform. Penasaran pengen ikut2an, yg keluar lintang!! The intermediate crust extends as far as the Flores Sea period of slivering is considered to occur after due to this rifting.

Create your page here. It is interpreted that the the Barito Foredeep to the west. The extent of the Sundaland is in Sp: Isotopic, major, and trace element data indicate that the parental Subduction to the east of Paternoster terrane rocks of the Miocene melts were Late formed island arc volcanism in SE Sundaland, Proterozoic-early Paleozoic Gondwanan now around South Kalimantan, called as Alino continental crustal and mantle lithospheric Arc Albian to early Cenomanian aged assemblages, possibly similar to those presently Priyomarsono, and Sikumbang, ; disposed found on the northern margin of the Hasan, He was rated the best horse of his generation in Europe in when he won the Prix Yacowlef by eight lengths before defeating strong opposition in both the Prix de la Salamandre and Grand Criterium.

China Sea in the latest Cretaceous-Early Tertiary. Meratus re tace ous Islan Meratus obduction ophiolite was emplaced d Arc different from those of Java to Mangkalihat Sulawesi ophiolites. The killer in me. He was probably the best horse sired by Captain’s Gigan American stallion who won the Belmont Futurity Stakes. Episode 25 airs tonight.

Before Europeans arrived to North Sulawesi the area was under the rule of the Sultan of Ternatewho exacted tribute and introduced the Muslim religion among some of its inhabitants. He was retired at the end of the episore and stood as a breeding stallion in Ireland and Japan, but made little impact as a sire of winners. MakeAwish Good Luck utk shootingnya kalians. Baharuddin,The petrology and Publ.

Southwest Sulawesi with special reference to the Situmorang, B. Meratus Mountains, South Kalimantan: