Almost immediately, we see him alone at night, on the street, with only a dog for company. And what a blooper the awards ceremony turned out to be! To be fair, this is partly due to the stony-faced acting from Richa, but it was clear that these two never made a natural-looking jodi. Some see glass is half full and some others see the glass as half empty! Problem is, it is one thing to write it as neatly you have and another to show it effectively in a film. But a bigger joke may be that Kumudham has taken a break from showcasing sexy or at least trying -to-be-sexy young things on its cover and switched to wildlife photographs.

BTW, heard he had a fall-out with Selvaraghavan due to the latter wasting his dates and forcing Kamal to go it alone for Viswaroopam. Vishwaroopam Movie Latest Stills. Veena November 30, Any truth to that rumour? Manojh November 30, I like it when movie scenes are shot with pauses, an element that is always missing in tamil movies. And his head hangs in abject shame. I never got why the hero was called Genius.

Vivek November stlls, After all, one of the words in the title is the almost-onomatopoeic mayakkam — just saying it out loud conjures up a sense of intoxication.

He also did M.

Brangan — I must say you have nailed it in your review. Should this be a movie that is fit for discussion alone? Mayakum Manmadhan Movie Hot Posters images. Hearing some good feedback on it.

This intensity is why a Selvaraghavan film, at least in my experience, characterises itself as a queasy manmaehan in the pit of the stomach. Sarath has a thing with the word. The guy gets repeated shots at the big leagues — but only for destiny to keep denying him glory.

I thought the movie was fairly predictable, too. mofie


Bullet-point Report: “Mayakkam Enna” | Baradwaj Rangan

You are commenting using your WordPress. Watch it and give ur review after that.

Like Liked by 1 person. Thanks for your thoughts on the movie. And no, I am yet to meet anyone who had less expressions than a slab of concrete. Beautiful Actress Hot Gallery. I would have thought you would mention this scene. And what is this film, really?

But liked it mildly nonetheless. From ek tuje ke liye to Kaadhal to Paruthi stjlls to Engeyum eppodhum a lot of movies with tragic endings have done well that I often wonder whether our directors sometimes purposely force a tragic climax for BO returns.

Of course, assuming you even feel like setting pen to paper. Actress Boobs Pressing Show. Follow Blog via Email Join 3, other followers Sign me up!

Bullet-point Report: “Mayakkam Enna”

Btw, I merely mentioned about making things tight. I knew this film would make everyone think of so many things. Except for the climax. The bad-production-design climax had nothing to do with him and her.

Mayakum Manmadhan Hot Movie Posters images

You are commenting using your Facebook account. This movie is absolutely my life. Selvaraghavan, on the other hand, gives me the impression that he wants us to know this is who he isthis is what he thinks, this is how he treats his women, this is what his idea of a dream dad is, this is how he wants to be bathed in bodily fluids when he farts, and this is stllls he pays tribute to the women the irumbu manushi -s in his life, the ones who put up with him despite his gajillion madnesses.

The love story is not a subplot — it plays out in parallel.

Meera Nandan Hot Lip Kiss. One of the things I enjoyed most was how the love triangle played out. Essentially, make the circumstances very tight that we feel that the characters had no other good choice but had to do what manmadhann do. Hope atleast i see this movie after aadukalam i saw nearly after a year!


Can we expect a BPR for the film?

The concept, in other words, is defeated by the execution. Shruthi Haasan Sexy Stills. You are giving a big compliment by comparing me with Selvaraghavan. The half-rumpled bed will catch your eye, right? Have you wondered why Rockydespite the fact that it was not the first such story, has come to stand in as a kind of shorthand for any such against-all-odds, zero-to-hero tale? The scene which gave me goosebumps is that when On seeing Karthik hugging his gf, Sundar slaps Dhaush.

Rangan But very different forms and degrees of bad acting, no? Rockstar is a jump ahead for Imtiaz. Will any other actor from the current crop allow himself to be slapped — twice — by the heroine?

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I know this movie has mayakkun a lot of people thinking of their lives — thats an impact any director dreams of. Lastly the climax was too cliched for my taste, why does danush has to spot that weird ponny tail wig and the photography award function was handled so amaturely.

Please forgive me if I call that an imbecilic justification. Ratish Ravindran on Men, maleness, masculinity and….