I just wish Pravda actually did this in the anime. The Best of Mayo Chiki: Results for our 11th Annual Stage48 Member Ranking are being revealed! I really don’t like Nakuru. Made me heart jump. Terrible episode, was bored the whole time.

The nice thing about Harems is that all the girls will get their own episode Even if i voted 1 for this episode, that does not change the fact that this anime is a total masterpiece. Please read this thread on the state of the forum going forward. Totally understand Jirou’s reaction there. Usami with all that white stuff on her face. May 6, Location: The Subaru action scenes, cosplay especially Usami and ironic moe made for some good laughs.

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Yes, I know, Donquixote Doflamingo Also, nice Kampfer and Hidan no Aria ‘cameo’ or more like cosplay cameo lol. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: I’m surprised Mirai Suenaga is screen throughout this episode. ZobiiMar 18, Feb ciki, Location: Now we just need that Nakuru X Kanade 3 way to happen. I used to watch a lot of anime but not so much now.

Yokoyama Yui Team A. North Sumatera, Indonesia Oshimen: May 25, Location: They can’t just Let Subaru confess her feelings to him or end it with them being boy friend and girlfriend or something?

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Just happy one of my favorite 2 girls not only got her episode, but a nice one Is it truly that difficult? I have wanting to start on Kuroshitsujin and Attack on Titan, these 2 have many good reviews. May 19, Location: But omg, Nakuru was absolutely stunning without her glasses on, I really couldnt believe it.


Decent series, average ending. I liked Nakuru in this one. Jun 11, Location: Gosh how I loved that anime. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

I seems to prefer the anime before WeezonMar 17, Jan 13, Location: Jul 6, Location: The Worst of Mayo Chiki: Folks clearly don’t understand what Filler is WHY would you end the one of the only redeeming animes of the season mayk a filler?!?!?! This ending is unacceptable. So is there anyone else here watching Kill La Kill?

Jan 28, Location: Yes, my password is: Although more than half the episode was just complete rubbish and her reason asking for Kinjirou’s help was just so stupid lmfao. I really don’t like Nakuru. Even if i voted 1 for this episode, that does not anilinka the fact that this anime is a total masterpiece. Lol at all the Konoe shippers that come in here pissed Log in or Sign up.

I thought it was gonna be a ep anime and now it better get a second season. Did not like this ep, maybe if it was not the final ep of the series i snilinkz have been better, i was hoping to see some advancement between Subaru and Jirou as the last ep, not some annoying stuff epusode just a support character like Narumi. Before this ep i didn’t even think about her in comparison with the other girls but in this ep she became on par with subaru episide even more.


Actually i dont really like Nakuru for some reason, the final episode was a suprise to me, cause i was think ” wtf? I’m pretty sure there won’t be a second season. Then the ironic moe part kinda made me giggle. The idiot girls from the school, enjoy fapping to a cross-dressing girl Hope Mayo Chiki comes back for a second season after one season break like Sekaiichi Hatsukoi.

Aoichann anllinkz, Feb 4, I’ll be waiting I guess. It had a very promising start, but it has just declined ever since, reaching its lowest point in this episode.