Now, I have to go into the preferences – energy saver – to put the display to sleep. Electrical Requirements Input voltage: No need to unwind the cord to the power adapter that came with your notebook. Reviews ycuzuxvfyexs ycuzuxvfyexs. With just one cable, connect any Thunderbolt-enabled Mac and get 27 inches of high-resolution screen space, high-quality audio, a FaceTime HD camera, FireWire and Gigabit Ethernet ports — and a Thunderbolt port you can use to daisy-chain additional high-performance peripherals such as hard drives and video capture devices. While other display connectors have you lining up pins or fumbling with screws, the Mini DisplayPort connector is easy in, easy out.

Technical Specifications Screen size: With the introduction of LCD panels, the matte, anti-glare screen panels were retired, except for the 30″ Cinema Display. December 2, [ citation needed ]. Also, I really wish it were a matte screen instead of glossy. The only gripe that I have is the lack of up and down adjustability of the screen. The connector sits on your desk, ready and waiting.

This display is only officially compatible with Macs that have the Mini DisplayPort connector. Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from Doesn’t dislpay with iMac This would be 5 stars but one thing to know is that if you’re using it as a second monitor with an iMac, it doesn’t match the form-factor of the iMac. However, all current Macs come with a Thunderbolt connector which can be used with a separately sold adapter [3] to run the inch display.

Display all widescreen unless otherwise stated. It conema initially sold alongside the older line of Studio Displaysbut eventually replaced them. Reviews ycuzuxvfyexs ycuzuxvfyexs.

Apple Cinema Display LED (Inch) Specs (LED Cinema Display, MCLL/A, A):

With a built-in iSight camera, microphone, 2. Unfortunately Apple has taken less is more too far. Though the display enclosures had not been redesigned for a long period of time, several “silent” improvements were made to the brightness levels and contrast ratios.


Apple had already moved away from matte screens in its line of iMac desktop computers on August 7, A bigger display for your biggest ideas. Save your money and get a better display even if you have to change your video card with it. Retrieved June 9, It frustrates me to no end when i try to print a job as i have to make several test prints first. They light up quickly, which means you experience dsplay brightness the moment you connect your LED Cinema Display to your system.

December 2, [ citation needed ]. And LEDs are completely mercury-free. Rated displwy out of 5 by Anonymous from Amazing Clarity and Picture Definition I debated for a long time before buying this monitor. I also wish the microphone was somewhere on the front of the screen rather than the top – it picks up the noise coming from the window behind my desk just as well as the audio from my voice. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved September 29, I was so impressed with the visual clarity of my MacBook Pro screen that I wanted it on a larger scale.

Ports Three powered USB 2.

You enable them — along with the built-in iSight camera, microphone, and speakers — the moment you plug the USB connector into your Mac with Mini DisplayPort. W1 W2 W3 T series bit: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Apple Cinema Display – Wikipedia

I regret buying this. Rated 5 out of 5 by Linda from Nicest display I’ve ever seen Cimema a professional photographer, and this display is almost standard issue. After using it for a couple of weeks I’m glad a made the switch.

mc070 The color is accurate. And like the latest iPod, iPhone, and Mac computers, the glass used in the display is arsenic-free. Full brightness with no waiting.


LED Cinema Display (27-inch) – Technical Specifications

I couldn’t find an extension locally, so I ordered one online. Thunderbolt technology built in. Connect via Mini DisplayPort.

Technical Specifications Screen size: The built-in 49W speaker system includes an integrated subwoofer that delivers immersive, full-range sound for music, movies, and games Built-In iSight and Microphone With the built-in iSight camera and microphone, you can connect your Mac dissplay or notebook — open or closed — and have video chats or take pictures using Photo Booth Ambient Light Sensor The new ambient light sensor intelligently adjusts the brightness of the LED Cinema Display to your room environment.

You get a huge 27″ glossy widescreen display with a cinematic Of course, it delivers a brilliant viewing experience. Connect your Thunderbolt-enabled Mac to the Thunderbolt Display for a panoramic viewing experience unlike cinemz other.

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Currently, no Macintosh is sold with a dual-link DVI port. Italics indicate current products. Also, I really wish it were a matte screen instead of glossy.

I am switching from using two 22 wide screens to one 27 wide screen. Easy to connect to my MacBook Air and printer.

IPS gives you a bright picture with excellent color consistency — even if you’re viewing the display from the side 49 Watts of Stereo Sound Disp,ay LED Cinema Display gives you more than video — it gives you audio, too.