With the help of Yai and his friends, Lan blasts off to space to stop Dr. After having a dream about performing CrossFusion, Maylu wishes to do so and protect Lan for a change. Hikari teaches him how to enter Dimensional Areas from the outside. About three months later, ten more episodes aired between November 28 and December 9, bringing the series to a close and skipping five more episodes. With peace restored, everyone watches a night sky of shooting stars, including Ms. Regal appears, he unveils a tower of Dimensional Area Converters and covers the entire planet.

But SavageMan intervenes, burning with dark power, to delete MegaMan. While analyzing a Dimensional Area Converter salvaged by Raika, the NetSavers discover that these devices are powered by the souls of deleted NetNavis. In the end, Lan saves her again, but their relationship has grown. They meet a robot named Allegro and also re-encounter Kid Grave, now being controlled by Bass. Unlike the original EXE series, Axess has only one part, with 51 episodes. Yuri also appears on the island, hoping to steal the data within an ancient relic. First, he captures Rush and uses his technology to appear in the real world without the aid of a Dimensional Area. Lan finds himself battling with Darkloid FlashMan only to be interrupted by Maylu, who wishes to help.

A Dimensional Area has appeared over a factory in Sharo, so Raika calls for Lan to help infiltrate it against his general’s orders. Lan CrossFuses against DesertMan, but fails. There would be no future breaks in between new Rockman series unlike the six-month separation between the original EXE and Axess. He goes on a rampage through DenTech City to find Dr.

She takes Misaki hostage and reveals that she’s a superhuman descendant of Duo, an intergalactic force that will soon arrive on Earth. Aboard, they meet LaserMan, but ShadeMan intervenes to defeat megamab. Upon his defeat, Lan learns that Raika was mostly trying to rescue his pet dog that was trapped in the factory. Meanwhile Chaud, a fellow NetSaver, investigates Ms. Yuri, she reveals the truth about her twin sister that she was separated from at a young age.


Dex helps Lan in fight with BurnerMan. Mari was really Ms. Lan becomes arrogant with his latest investigation against Darkloid DesertMan. Lan becomes an official NetSaver in this episode. However, it also uses many of the Mega Man Battle Network video games as source meegaman for the almost entirely original plot including obscure characters from Transmission. Meanwhile, Bass appears and revives ShadeMan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Lan and MegaMan stop arguing and work together to defeat BubbleMan. Mari and Tory take Lan and co.

However, SwordMan appears to cause problems, and he overcomes ThunderMan in battle. Misaki uses episoxe power of a Dark SynchroChip to CrossFuse, but as a side-effect, his human heart is enriched with darkness.

While on summer vacation, Lan and Maylu search around the world for a beetle and find themselves in ancient desert ruins. In his plan, he befriends IceMan and SpoutMan in hopes of fusing with their power.

Axess was wagrior to promote the Japanese release of Mega Man Battle Network 4 and prominently features characters and concepts from this game. Lan meets Shuko, an unlucky and unconfident girl. Returning from Kingland, Lan and co. Lan perfects the technique and defeats BurnerMan. In the station’s network, MegaMan meets JunkDataMan, the NetNavi responsible for the mess, and a misunderstanding leads to a battle between the two.

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Regal, but Lan intervenes. Lan meets Misaki, the first person to test CrossFusion. The NetSavers meet Dr. Mari witnesses the apparent death of Ms. Lan and Chisao are leaving a theme park on a train when SparkMan attacks the train’s network.

Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor. SpikeMan kidnaps Keifer and Manuela and threatens to crush them in a car compactor, but Lan and Famous intervene.


The last 6 episodes were premiered a few weeks after the airing of the 46th. Jabajaba Yabai Mizu no Awa!

Regal appears, he epsode a tower of Dimensional Area Converters and covers the entire planet. Maylu picks it up, determined to CrossFuse, but she fails.

Yuri swiftly kidnaps her. SavageMan comes to the real world, but is finally deleted. An AyanoTech satellite has been covered in space debris, so Lan and co. Yuri uses his desires to lure him toward a trap. Yuri who claims “As one chapter ends, another one begins. Yuri reinstitutes his darkness, causing him to escape. Luring him into a trap at a deserted hotel, the plan is put into motion, but the chip fails.

But to stop their plan, Nebula sends an army of previously-deleted Darkloids after the program. Regal, a researcher who can help stop the Darkloids.

First, he captures Rush and uses his technology to appear in the real world without the aid of a Dimensional Area. Mari for her, he holds her hostage. While visiting an exhibit in a tower that floats in the sea, Lan meets Tamako and begins sparring with her.

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In the English version, only 45 episodes aired in the United States with an additional episode airing in Canada. Lan investigates a science museum being built when the NetSavers receive word of a possible Darkloid attack. Chaud sees through her plan and reveals the truth behind Silk’s deletion.