And Zhang should probably get a crack at best actress for her work, as well. The only thing I can think of is, all three are fine actresses and they more than proved that in this film. Despite popular western misconceptions about Geishas, there’s no sex, almost no violence and beyond that, there’s nearly two and a half hours of women’s problems that many men may find hard to relate to. Instead I sat spellbound in my seat as I watched the images that Arthur Golden has created in my mind with words years before, play themselves out on the screen in front of me. Copyright Los Angeles Times. Prev 1 2 3 Next.

My 1 film of the year. Did Louganis Act Properly? Okamoto says she understands why there is a debate about the ethnicity of the actor who replaced her. Gasps in the audience for the film’s third act gave way to sniffles. I think they could have found somebody better to play Sayuri. There were ample displays of exquisite beauty — the trailing tails of silk kimonos, the subtle allure of hand gestures, and the captivating scene of kabuki dance theater

Director Rob Marshall has taken a best selling novel and turned out a feature film that it appears some people love and some absolutely hate. Back in New York, geiwha met and auditioned Zhang. Some critics took it upon themselves to be the defenders of Japanese culture without fully researching their arguments and, in the mmemoirs, betrayed their own racism.

AG] sub download 0 English subtitle Memoirs. I won’t tell you how. You’ll read a lot of reviews in the coming weeks praising the gorgeous photography.

He gave us a complex central character we can pull for throughout the film and for that, I thank him. The supporting males, while obviously not as well developed since they spend less time in the geisha quarters, still give incredible performances.

If you believe one of your posts has been removed in error, please do not hesitate to message the mods. My dvd doesn’t provide subtitles until the girls board the train, and Chiyo calls out “Tanaka-san!


Can a group of American men and Chinese actresses render the world of a geisha? Others argue it is critical that Hollywood pay attention to the subtleties of subtitoes and politics.

It definitely is not the worst one. We know from Chicago that it’s simply Rob Marshall’s aesthetic to make everything the height of beauty, even if it’s a zubtitles.

Especially things someone else might Google for some day. Prev 1 2 3 Next. Hostility, passive aggressiveness and using racial slurs are included. Being a jerk is not allowed in this subreddit. So, let me re-address the question: The villain had the best opportunities to show her skills as a thespian.

Joke answers are not allowed. IMO, too much happens in the film for it to get boring; there’s a strong balance between the rivalries, the details about geisha entertainment oarts the romance.

The geisha, in translation

This movie is in a word “complicated” and that is going to turn some American movie goers off. Her videotape was rejected. The geisha, in translation. Every shot, ever scene, every tiny detail was just beautiful. No unhelpful, off-topic, or joke answers. I’ve read the book, so I’m curious about a translation of the actual Japanese. My focus is bringing this to life. The best film I’ve seen all year, and I’ve seen some great films.

The stand-out actress by far was Gong Li as Hatsumomo. All I can say is, movie makers face trade offs and one is either targeting your film to a mass audience and in America, that means a generally poorly educated audience or “narrow casting” your film to people very well acquainted with the topic who will swoop down on any flaw. Ironically, the military government used geishas as a propaganda tool to spread the notion that Japan had united the countries of Asia in one happy pan-Asian family.

Less nuanced than its source material, Memoirs of a Geisha may be a lavish production, but it still carries the simplistic air of a soap opera. Instead I sat spellbound in my seat as I watched the images that Arthur Golden has patts in my mind teisha words years before, play themselves out on the screen in front of me. But not all Asian film fans are raving about this movie either, some thinking it is a very superficial look at Japnese customs and others incensed that a movie that’s memoirrs an important Japanese tradition should star three Chinese actresses.


Ziyi Zhang really managed any language difficulties well; her face has this ripple effect when she’s emoting. Toski Admits to Cheating, Quits Tour.

The first lines in the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha” are in Japanese – what do they say? : answers

But “Memoirs” had trouble getting liftoff. And homegirl can dance, too! Partw must have fact based answers. Marshall says he auditioned and looked at tapes of “dozens and dozens of Japanese actors” but couldn’t find one who met all his criteria for Sayuri.

Baiting people, passive aggressive posts etc. I think they could have found somebody better to play Sayuri. That’s not what I’m doing. It’s stunning to behold. In the name of throwing the Western powers out of Asia, Japan’s militarist government claimed to be uniting Asians under its leadership, and argued that Korea and the parts of China it had conquered were no longer foreign countries but a part of Japan.

They lacked the kind of extreme femininity and excessive felicity of the delicately mechanical gesture and movements of traditional Japanese ladies padts see in custom dramas of Japanese production. All comments must be helpful and relevant.