Keep Memory Alive advances to final round winner. This episode featured four past non-winners. Children’s Cancer Research Fund advances to final round winner. In the dessert round, Chef Gonzales accidentally used salt instead of sugar in his dish, asserting that this resulted in his elimination. The judges felt that this was contrary to the rules and cited it as the reason for his elimination. After the other chefs gave their consent, the judges allowed her to bring the non contaminated components of her dish from her station to the judges table. In the appetizer round, Chef Chuboda refused to use bananas in his dish, leading to his elimination. Thai basil, marinated cippolini onions, Black Oxford apples, rolled oats.

Afghan flatbread , goat chops, zucchini, survival candy Dessert: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Cocktails and Others for the This is the first episode to feature teenage competitors. This is part 3 of a 5-part tournament where sixteen past champions competed. This episode featured chefs who were eliminated in previous episodes for making egregious mistakes. Each basket included an ingredient from a duck.

This heat featured Chopped judges, all of whom have competed on Chopped previously except for Scott Conant. Amaretto, butternut squash, mango chutney, chocolate covered potato chips. Italian orange liqueur, cheese crackers, cherimoyaJordan almonds.

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In the appetizer round, Chef LePape failed to get any food onto his plates. This was a Thanksgiving-themed episode.

Planned Parenthood eliminated after the appetizer Lucas GrabeelCharity: This is the fourth part of a five-part tournament featuring celebrity chefs competing for charity.


All the chefs were required to make tapas in each round: All the chefs competing operated food trucks. The stovetops were outfitted with grill sheets and two other burners and the ovens were off-limits throughout the competition. Iron Chefs Do Battle”.

Jessica North, Line Cook, St. The green juice included kale and ginger. They wore street clothes rather than the customary chef coats while competing, but were given chef coats by Ted Allen at the end of the episode.

All the baskets contained leftovers. Mexican chocolate, mostardasoft tofu, pretzel rods. This was an official all-amateurs episode with episoce home cooks competing.

Although Chef Nitahara won, he offered to pay for Chef Magris to visit her ill grandmother in France the main reason she needed the prize money. Ingredients that are typically scrapped were featured in the baskets.

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How that plays out at his home come Friday night his one night offwe will never know. This was a special episode where the competitors were sports stars competing for charity. Get the most out of your experience with a episoode all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more.

Brandon Walker, head of the culinary training program at the St. This was a Thanksgiving -themed episode with corresponding, seasonal ingredients in the baskets. This is part 4 of a 5-part tournament. Chef Olson is the grandson of singer Glen Campbell.

This was a leftovers competition. Chefs have three minute rounds to create a dish choped incorporates specific, unusual ingredients, before being judged on creativity, taste and presentation. This episode was dedicated to the memory of Debra Whiting, who was killed in a car accident June 30, All the contestants in this episode were firefighters.

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Children’s Cancer Research Fund advances to final round winner. The ingredients used in this episode were leftovers. Israeli couscouscherimoyaguanciale, Irish whiskey. As a result, the judges did not eat the salad and chopped her for her poor sanitation.

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This is Maneet Chauhan’s first episode as a judge. Looked for his Chopped -worthy food truck, M. The chefs were also given pre-soaked cedar planks that they could use if they wished.

The contestants wore regular clothes during the competition but winner Marisa Biaggi received an authentic Chopped chef’s coat at the end, in addition to the prize money. Better Deli, various locations.

The baskets were filled with leftovers. Choppeed is part two of a five part tournament. The chefs were required to make pizza in each round. Or sign in with a social account: Latest About Advertise Contact. This episode was the first to feature “amateur chefs,” and the contestants consisted of four F. Pure Land Project winner.