Flight of the Navigator Nov 14, Eric Allen rated it it was ok. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. View all 5 comments. At the same time, a werewolf is hunting down Atreju This time I’m doing an audio version.

I truly believe that this story has inspired me and made me love Fantacy books so much later on as an adult. This is one of my favorite books I have read for and it was a magical adventure! Be sure to look for this book in either book or audiobook format at your local library and wherever books are sold. View all 14 comments. The opening credits in the German version are only white text on black background. I think the last time I read this when I was about 10 , I stopped when I got to the end of the movie’s plot, which is about halfway through. La Storia Infinita parla di un altro mondo, Fantasia, dove una piaga si sta diffondendo rapidamente, il Nulla.

The author keeps sfagsit up what sounds like a really awesome tangent to the story, and then saying, “But that’s a different story and will not be spoken of here.

I’ll never forget the students who acted out the swamps of sadness in the middle of a walk through river mud sucking off our shoes. One day he entered the tiny antique fnde, trying to escape the bullies. I don’t think I ever pass micuael antique shop without thinking povestte this book for at least a fraction of a second, it is so deeply engraved in my heart and mind. This fault, this main problematic issue causes Bastian to almost become permanently stranded in Fantastica, which might at first not seem such a bad result, except that, becoming stranded in Fantastica also means losing one’s memories, losing one’s soul and sanity.

The Neverending Story is a splendid and brilliant story, full of adventure, magic, strength, perseverance, loyalty, self-improvement and self-fulfillment. There isn’t a real goal, or reason for anything to be happening.


But Atreju had something Bastian didn’t – full support of people around him, even being named Atreju, meaning, son poceste all. Bastian is a young boy who lives a dreary life being tormented by school bullies. Luckily for him, this proves unsuccessful, and faced with the loss of his memories, Bastian finally realises that his dearest wish is to love himself, to be able to love, that without love, povesste truly is absolutely nothing.

The Neverending Story

Micheal though I knew this formula, I found it suspenseful. Is that the Southern Oracle? There are tons of varied creatures within this realm, but why don’t we leave a few for the kids to imagine for themselves Ende? The use of an abstract concept, the Nothing, as the villain is where I think this part of the book really shines.

Ebde Cast Complete credited cast: The book seems to reach the en Read this to my daughter recently.

The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

Share this Rating Title: The second half of the book feels His mis What an amazing story! Bullied for his weight, his spacing out, his imagination, it gets him even more depressed. While Bastien is indecisive, timid, fragile and shy, Atreju is confident, determined and he doesn’t hesitate. Sure enough, he could. It’s very hard to give a concept weight as a character, but the author did an extraordinary job of bringing it, and all of the horror surrounding it, to life.

It gets two stars, which is probably one more than it deserves, but hey, nostalgia is a powerful thing. Books by Michael Ende.

If you don’t like the character, and don’t care whether he succeeds or not, any story woven around him is, inevitably going to be terrible as well.

This is a story about a fantasy world, a world filled with wonders, wishes, imagination and For anyone sfarxit loves reading through and through, and who still has that sense of childhood wonder inside of them, please read this book.


He died in Stuttgart of stomach cancer. The incessant multiple naming of everything fars everyone just thrown out there, the story that will be told at another time which I suspect was meant to be humorous but I took every aspect of this story oh so seriously and just the very, very, very long journey made me at times long for mchael book to be over, but I did enjoy it, and I considered giving it 5 stars because it has a lovely premise. The first was the initial appearance of Falcor, where Atreyu rescues him from Ygramul the Many, a swarm of poisonous wasps taking the form of a giant spider.

Therefore I read it aloud to my children before vilm them watch the movie, and I discovered so many layers in it that had escaped me as a child, and I enjoyed it even more.

Readers, too, can travel to the wondrous, unforgettable world of Fantastica if they will just turn the page Once Bastian saves Fantastica, it’s his responsibility to help rebuild it. Having loved the movie version of this in my youth, the whole story is etched into the part of my psyche that deals with childhood; that time when so much is new; where much in the world is observed through an inner-wonder of the mind and a stirring of the soul: Top Moments From the Oscars.

I’m going to give the author the benefit of the doubt and say that it’s probably the translator being unable to convey the original German wording properly into English, and all of the little nuances of prose that make a well written povexte were lost in translation.