Ah yes but there is just a tiny hole left behind from where the OP used to be in my weekly routine.. First off, this episode has helped clear up some confusion about the general plot, but raises some more specific questions. This would make for a nice loading screen. Lightly NSFW things are okay. I think Hakuya and Mashiro represent one of the best sibling pair of the season. Search for ” Engaged to the Unidentified ” on Amazon.

This is based on a 4-koma manga, so I don’t expect it to get too serious or anything, but one thing I do like about this series so far is that it has actually had a pretty coherent plot, despite being primarily a comedy. With this episode, i’ve finally come to a conclusion what my pick for cutest anime this season is Audible Download Audio Books. The plot was all over the place anyway, so I’ll just keep watching it for the comedy. Well this was a deal breaker, I don’t want to watch any more of this. And it’s not Sakura Trick xD I really like this one a lot.

You sir have shown me a whole new world Read the rules for more information. Lol a loli mother Kobeni comes to learn about a past injury while fighting her growing feelings for Hakuya and surviving her Sister’s sister-complex. No OP is anime-language for “This episode is srs bsns.


I wasn’t feeling pervy enough to make this one, so thanks for the find! Supernatural is involved in this anime.

[Spoilers] Mikakunin de Shinkoukei – Episode 5 Discussion : anime

Good episode Kobeni poked in the face was cute. I freaking called it. Also mother talks like Tsukasa Ayatsuji. Now that Kobeni knows the truth how will she react. Please — just let them be together.

Engaged to the Unidentified

Here, ambitious young students undergo training to become competent I wonder how Kobeni and Hakuya’s relationship will continue on in the next few episodes.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or discuesion If they actually gave us a straight reveal then it wouldn’t really be Engaged to the Unidentified anymore.

I’m just a normal guy, chillin’ shinkojkei the internet in search of a place shinkukei I can call my sacred hang. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Well, I can’t say this was entirely unexpected, but it was fun to have some fan theories confirmed. At this point, I’m all for the romance train going full speed ahead; I think this show can pull it off.

The plot was all over the place anyway, so I’ll just keep watching it for the comedy. BBCode “The will to live is stronger than anything else”.


I always thought Mashiro’s hair-wagging was dog-like. I probably ought to organize this more coherently or something, but I don’t really feel like it.

This does indeed pose the question…will Kobeni still want to marry Hakuya? Additionally, I like how this show is able to keep a lighthearted mood even while busy with discussoin exposition. My mom was pretty disappointed they didn’t stick. Links to sales or products that you do not profit from are OK.

She actually said “Ore no yome,” or “My bride.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Read the rules for examples. The Final Mission from the Boss. Character interaction is amazing, cuteness in almost every shot Full Cast and Crew. Fun to see Hakuya being a bit of a troll.

Well this was a deal breaker, I don’t want to watch any more of this. Sasami-san Ganbaranai Episode 4: Guess that’s a result of Hakuya giving her some of his power.