I’m pretty sure they’re very different though Hard to describe the SnS sound, but really remember the transition being amazing. Any happy ending would have to have been an asspull anyway. A fitting end to one of my favorite franchises. Plus it has one of the most badass Erza moments ever. But this day is not today! FT I managed without any real problems though. There were definitely some parts where I was left in the dark, which probalby hindered my enjoyment.

Is the gif edited beyond the “4chan, Internet, Real world” added or the dude doesn’t really go flying like a duck? Gotta download it too. I really like the randomness in the show. I think it concluded well – just not memorably. Well, whatever works for you I guess A rewatch should fix that Oh, okay – I’ll see that when I watch Soul Eater.

I hope they don’t give you the time to grow attached to them Eh, it’s because you watch them a bit late but there are some for which I have only one episode remaining like Noragami. Plus it would make my voting system way more confusing Well it’s hard to keep watching even after the first episode.

Yeah he’s totally useless. I have plenty to talk about.

I bet it will be the MC’s team. Funny though, here in Canberra we have separate schools for nikmi Kindergarden as wellgrades and grades Strawberry Eggs – ending was a little disappointing but appropriate.


Good thing if the worst of Elfen Lied is in the beginning. But I didn’t know yet who she was. Devil May Cry series http: Or you have awesome tastes and are of great advice.

Your favourite endings in anime? (30 – ) – Forums –

Eh, I always thought something would be off with Kokoro Connect. Story of a lesbian who is allergic to boys so she transfers to epiosde girl’s catholic highschool to find love. I forgot about DBZ too. The other three I’ve heard of but I’ve yet to watch, so it’s good to know that they’re safe choices, thanks: I just have one more test to do tomorrow today now, technicallyand then I can pretty much just laze around for the rest of animewafcles term before holidays – plus we have a whole bunch of new shows coming out.

A cute and innocent killing machine I somehow ended up going to a foreign car expo today, due to some family misunderstandings A bit before I start watching, because people aren’t idiots, if it’s well ranked there’s hope for it to be worth trying. nioki

But this day is not today! Who knows, maybe Nichijou would have become boring after 25 episodes too And the end I wrote in last comment seems more and more legit to me so What anime should I englisj next.?


Also Brina Palencia was the person who played Yoshida in the Shana english dub, so I kinda got sick of her voice after a while Full Metal Alchemist https: I also love the scene in ep4 when the satellite heads to the Earth and he swings the bat. Plus some weeks ago we had a trap thread if I remember well!

When I know a series is animewatfles I’d rather let it blurry in my head and see what happens when I watch it.

It’s just that you have to go through ages and ages of them getting it wrong and dying because of it I see we both consider Mawaru Penguindrum as the Absolute Well, it’s my fault so I’ll wait.

Thanks for the reminder: Thanks for the recs!

Your top animes?

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Or maybe instead of a blanket, many thin layers which number adjust depending epsode temperature? Just reminded me the feels of Nia disappearing and Simon being all alone. Yeah, me too I think, it’s not on Horrible Subs’ program today.