Afterall, she carried the song. Thanks for the recap Also, se-yi and seol-chan seriously just need to admit their feelings. Follow up awesome moment: Sun Woo takes Se Yi to the hospital and reveals he comes here to play music as charity work. Also, I’m sorry, but the All-for-One performance was actually pretty pathetic. LoL SC is like really really crazy..

Jung Joon Young Cameo. By LyraYoo Started October 26, I love this show sad that there’s only a few episodes to go. But his jealousy flares again when he sees Sun-woo and Se-yi looking chummy through the window. RWJQ July 1, at And sorry, just have to ask — wtf is Seolchan wearing in the last scene??? Another Friday, another lovely and moody episode of Monstar.

Seol Chan your tantrum in the car was adorably earnest, you take sheep girl my boy lol. The musical mash-ups and duets are stunning, with this last episode reaching right into my tear ducts – blubbering and smiling is my internal signal that I’m in love with a drama. I look forward to squeeing with you and other Beanies again next week!

Eun Ha and Kyu Dong stand and stare at the set up and she explains how the band consisting of Color Bar members will look. Even though All for One kinda cheated with the inclusion of the chorus that we’d never seen before, and even though Kyu Dong’s squeak-singing wasn’t believable he’s way better than thatthe showdown was epic, indeed! It has come to my attention that dramacrazy.

Sun Woo deposits Se Yi near her house and then leaves. They proved that they weren’t losers but real people with real talent. Ji Woong is freaking out when suddenly there is another knock on the door.

Monstar Episode 9 Recap

I missed SC in ep 9 but since we got to see more of Radio so I am ok with it. And that boy needs to get over his childhood and start looking in the present, stat. Just admit you like the idol boy. Have been waiting for that. So Do-nam shares his hypothesis about Nana based upon what he previously overheard.


I luff him, he’s so adorable. Se-yi rolls her eyes at this. I laughed out loud and then squealed when the teacher monshar rapping and I recognised the formulae from Arithmetic Progression and Geometric Progression.

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Other fave kordan in ep 7 is when SW takes SY hand and walk away leaving SC in horror trailing behind them demanding SW to release his desk-mate’s hand right away.

Mama J July 2, at 9: And the way to do it was by irritating SC to the max mohstar his childhood compliments about SC’s prodigious skills gah he played Beethoven right after that so beautifully just to emphasis how good SC was ahead of him! By Cramacrazy Started December 2, This OTP needs to happen! Some people just don’t know how much can encouraging words or just a genuine acknowledgement can help boost up someone’s confidence, especially when its from someone they looked up too or admire.

What’s Up earlier this year was a similar watch. DN is slowly being less and less aggressive Lets hope they will build a sound backstory for him, about him missing judo and if KD has anything to do with it.

Nana was great and loved her getting the spotlight.

Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi! Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Hits the right notes. Moar SW x Nana!! Which means we get a hilarious scene of the Vice Principal trying to squeeze his car into a narrow parking spot.


I appreciate it, totally caught me off guard in the best of ways. I am making yet another exemption. It cracks me up that Seol-chan monstsr as soon as they begin.

J Rabbit soothes hearts with “Snooze” MV for ‘Monstar’ OST

I actually stood up and gave them a standing ovation because I was so impressed! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. What a cliche move man!!! You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The others step in before the situation escalates any further as voices of reason—instead of fighting, they monstae focus on what to do now.

Monstar Episode 9 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

Hahaha, I love jealous Seol-chan. I want to watch a subbed one!

But Se Yi abruptly goes to talk with Do Nam. But my eyes glazed over, it was so lifeless and dull. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

I’ve seen better performances than that. Ji Woong sees Kyu Dong cleaning the basement and has him watch the house. Ji Woong sits in his room and has flashbacks to the bloody car accident from six years ago and the injured girl next to him. Oh, how I wish I had teachers who employed such interesting teaching methods when I was in school.