In the shorts, Commando Cody’s assistant is kidnapped, leading to the pursuit of gangsters working for aliens from the Moon. In this installment, they defend an airport owner from businessmen and a corrupt sheriff, then defend a nightclub owner from thugs. Thanks, can’t wait for the new stuff!! X Marks the Spot. Robot performed by Josh Weinstein now J. We rented a Rosco fogger at a place in Minneapolis called Norcostco, and I rigged a big, vinyl tube connector to it with duct tape so the smoke came out in the right place on the rocket. Joel McHale and Paul Chaplin guest star. I had a lot of fun watching these, and yeah the riffing is pretty light, but man those movies at least to me were just beautiful.

After digging up strange bones, a man becomes a werewolf. She becomes embroiled in their ongoing feud, and soon afterwards people start dying from bee attacks. A government researcher experiments with radioactive materials to boost crop production, and inadvertently creates a hungry army of giant grasshoppers. As someone who’s watched every episode but never really got into the fan-culture, I’m largely unaware of a lot of the stuff that went on behind the scenes, let alone the history of the show. The Aztec Mummy La momia azteca contra el robot humano With short: Angels Revenge Angels’ Brigade. Joel should sue them for stealing his idea. Elvis Weinstein as Dr.

So you guys can consider yourself just as future tech predicting as Star Trek was in it’s day.


The Giant Gila Monster. The Sword and the Dragon Ilya Muromets. In the short, Commando Cody pursues gangsters after returning to Earth.

The Giant Spider Invasion. InHodgson led a crowdfunded revival of the series with 14 episodes in its eleventh season which was released on Netflix.

Masked wrestler El Santo battles vampire women who want to capture a young woman destined to become their kfma. Thanks, can’t wait for the new stuff!!

“Missing” MST3K Episodes

The Home Economics Story [4]. Beginning of the End.

Mutant dinosaur Godzilla and size-changing robot Jet Jaguar battle Seatopian god Megalon and alien cyborg Giganbent on razing the planet for the underground civilization of Seatopia. A minute presentation designed to sell the premise losh the show. Finnish fantasy tale, based loosely on the Kalevalaabout a wicked witch’s schemes to get, and later regain, a magic mill.

“Missing” MST3K Episodes

This page was last edited on 16 Februaryat An American spy protects a scientist from Russian agents. Thanks for the commentary on these episodes Joel. The Corpse Vanishes With short: Cave Dwellers The Blade Master. Lords of the Deep.

Lists of comedy television series episodes Mystery Science Spisodes Robot performed by Josh Weinstein now J. There are these timpani drums playing, and this sort of quick intercutting to this really funny looking model of a space station, and I just whisper, in awe: What I mean is, I don’t remember if there was another movie we riffed, or if Episode 0 was just Invaders from the Deepbut without the opening song.


Gamera attempts to rescue them, but must fight the knife-headed monster Guiron. The Days of Our Years. The first sequel to Creature from the Black Lagoonin which the creature is at last khma and taken to a Florida aquarium for study. A film detailing the life of an Air Force pilot-in-training whose father is a congressman.

Hercules Le fatiche di Ercole. In the first of three brief segments from the soap opera General Hospital featured as shorts on the series, Dr.

Dear MST3K Revival League,

Invaders from the Deep is considered Episode Vacationers in the Rocky Mountains find themselves trapped following an avalanche and must find a way to survive kyma escape. Really cool getting to see some thoughts of the beginning episodes. I remember the Bots giving Mike a hard time when he brought popcorn into the theater.

All the outtake reels I’ve seen, he had me rolling. An alcoholic middle-aged woman discovers the secret to renewed, but temporary, youth from an African tribe.