Do you guys know what is going on i can only see previews after Cihangir died? They haven’t felt your shadow on them for quite some time Could you please tell us what happened after episode aired? Yahya says he will not go, he will escort the shehzade’s funeral procession to Bursa. Look at the situation they have brought our poor shop into Selim wrote that he is ill and the doctors have said they have not found any cure for his pain, I must go to my child, I must see him” Mihrimah: She is the one in green is she not? If you do not take precautions quickly, things might get out of hand.

Isn’t she the one who tried to kill hurrem first n then she killed Mehmed? Mihrimah still says no. Nor Alexander would not have been greater nor Temujin would not be enough Genghis Khan. Maybe my name won’t be written into the golden pages of history, and nobody will speak of my victories, nor will I have a throne to preside over. Are you making conditions?! They have taken many precautions.

Mahi, Mihrunissa and Nergishah are watching as little Mehmet symbolically buries the dead bird and asks if it will go in heaven and his mother replies that may everyone go to heaven. She says that Cihangir is sensitive and prone and he will suffer yuzgil if he is troubled mentally or emotionally.

Fine, let’s have it your way!

Magnificent Century Episode 1 – English Subtitles

We have tried everything else. One, because he sacrificed our deceased Shehzade, and the other one, for not being able to stop it. While he is here it will be difficult for him to recover. I really would like to know what are the lyrics of that song when they take the body out. Rustem wonders how such a thing could be taking place right in the camp usually someone executed on grounds of treason just have a private burial and no grand prayer like this.


You have said you don’t want to leave Amasya. Do englksh know that His Highness is the first Janissary? Connect to YouTube No thanks.

Magnificent Century Episode 1 – English Subtitles – Dailymotion Video

Even if I want, I cannot do it. Atmaca says “finally we were able to meet, they call me Atmaca, you must have heard my name from Rustem” Sinan “oh so subtirles are Atmaca, get this man!

Please know that your hands have been mixed with blood, and know that you have taken an innocent life. In order to stay on your feet you have to avoid all kinds of lies and troubles. This is my wish.

We have no peace or happiness in this world anymore, muhyesem like he never had.

This is what Allah has said. Hussain says that they will take Rustem’s head We expect a ship docked at Sarayburnu just in case Looking forward to this weeks, keep the good work up. Not even a single one will go out. My soul hurts mother, I cannot even breathe anymore. Rustem realizes the Sultan has called on him, so he agrees to go. Rustem finds Mihrimah and Humashah getting ready so he asks where they are going and Mihrimah says they are going to see her mother, but then Rustem tells them they won’t be going anywhere because rebellion has happened and they will come to take his head.


She says Gazanfer has sent a letter.

I do not want anything to happen to her Mihrimah’s daughter is very scared as Mihrimah finds her in her room and they all go. I am afraid mother The guards with difficulty are able to keep them away from him. She asks if he thinks of these things. May Allah have mercy on our Shehzade Mustafa Hazretleri’s soul Handan would be able to shepherd the sheep, let alone drive a harem.

The thing that took him to his death was his own ambitions! For this reason I will not hand him over to you. Will it ever decrease, or will it continue till the end of my life like it was the first day experiencing it? I told him don’t go He entrusted you with hiding his secrets! When I do not have any proof in my hands I cannot accuse my mother of anything.