Episode 4 by Regals. Don’t forget what Dae woong set as his ringtone on Mi ho’s phone! Loved the scene where Dae-woong was complaining about how Mi-ho being around other guys made his chest hurt. With that, he presents her with the flowers. But hey, I am not above cutsies. Later that night, Mi-ho looks over her documents, contemplating the huge decision ahead. It’s not long at all Javabeans And I want more please.

He gets the remaining wages out of him and hands it over to Mi-ho. I totally love this episode! Dae-woong watches her warily, almost willing her to keep doing crazy things, to disabuse him of the idea that he could develop feelings for a gumiho. Min-sook squeals in delight and starts to cry, as Grandpa laughs. Has he even treated an animal? Just thought I’d impart some knowledge here Rising from his seat, he takes the sign from Mi-ho, and I appreciate the symbolism of the gesture:

Her butt is stuck to the carpet — with glue! The Hong sisters are my goddesses, I swear. Its completely lovely and refreshing, every episode. Beng September 2, at 4: I’m having a hard time controlling myself from reading this. The part with girlfiend the ending from the mermaid book- a total win!!

The more detail the better for dramas like this: Sausage in His Pocket bwahahahahaha!!!

Korean Show: My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho (Episode 6)

The next day, Mi-ho is distressed upon discovering her missing page s. Alex Wyller September 4, at 4: She takes her to Director Ban, and introduces Mi-ho as her friend. I don’t mind reading a long recap – the longer the better, hehehe! Dae-woong looks her up and down again, still annoyed about Dong-joo…. If she won’t, I wi–she just needs to, OK???


I am grateful hirlfriend it wasn’t just me with my mind in the gutter over the whole sausage in his pocket bit. He js outside, and calls Mi-ho, who finally answers.

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Daewoong’s attitude in the beginning was really js but even he is capable of being kind and considerate. Grandpa dotes on her and feeds her more, asking Min-sook to pack up some food to take back and share with Dae-woong. I ‘m totally enjoying this drama.

You like meat, therefore you like me. I drakacrazy to make some kind of offering to the hong sisters. Anonim 6 Juni Grandpa drops by the action school where Mi-ho is busily engaged in her new cleaning duties, which he reads as an indication of her kind character.

Mi-ho says he lied to her: Yes, guniho original stories by Grimm Brothers are really scary. I think we should get rid of Bug Eyed She smiles up at him like, hey baby.

Where can i download all episodes of my girlfriend is a gumiho eng subbed?

Korean netizens are commenting that this scene foretells a tragic ending for this drama. There’s never anything other than gumoho explaining and Miho asking.

Thanks for the summary loved it. Episode 4 by Regals. I love this episode so much. Iz me something to look forward to during my lunch break! Finally he gets up, takes the book while Mi-ho is sleeping, and rips out the last part.

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe And sue says, “why? His growing assertiveness is really a sight to behold, since he started out so pathetic and cowardly.

Dae-woong steps out from behind it, and asks why she threw it away. I’m also kind of undecided on her hair. All of the side and personal comments, I share with you.


Meta [Happily never after] Maybe I don’t know what I would do with out your recaps and drama news!! Loving the drama even more after this episode But then, the clouds grew bigger, the skies darkened, and rain that blocked my path came down. The scene with Miho though was great. Finally, Dae-woong reaches a conclusion and wraps up his thinking session. I like taking baths! It defies the laws of the universe! Meanwhile, Emo Gumiho Hunter flips through his own copy of the book, musing that the most difficult moment for Mi-ho will be in deciding whether to die herself, or to kill the one she loves.

I sort of love that in her attempt to disappear, Mi-ho gets stopped one by one, by all the human beings who are in her life, who keep her tethered to this world. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

It was like a father trying to calm down his little girl. Hong Sisters, I love Miho and Daewoong, but you’re really severely neglecting everyone else. You have nine of them! Oh no, princess, whatever will you do without your vassal-on-a-puppet-string jumping at your every whim? I’m going to watch it right away after I post this comment!!!