Returning to the most controversial myths, they repeat them to see if their original answer was genuine or bogus. A love of random knowledge finds Josh and Chuck success as podcasters. During the podcast the guys cover spy recruitment, gadgetry and misinformation. Its turns out to be their biggest build ever. Adam and Jamie are trying to figure out the theory behind the chaos when diet cola and mentos mix. Hindenburg Skin, Croc Zig-Zag.

Add to Watchlist Added. Christmas comes once a year, but not on Mythbusters! Urban legends are investigated. Every trip on the Earth’s oceans is a potential battle with nature. Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Holiday TV Viewing Guide. Voice Flame Extinguisher, Hypnosis. See also TV Schedule.

Diet Coke and Mentos | MythBusters

The Curse of Oak Island 2. At least in size!

A Star Is Born 4. The MythBusters investigate if explosives can cut down and trim a Christmas tree without blowing it apart. The Confederate Rocket will be tested with a Salami launch.

A look back at myths that generated a truck load of angry fan mail. Adam and Jamie try to turn a dinghy into a magic carpet by inflating it with helium.

Adam and Jamie are trying to figure out the theory behind the chaos when diet cola and mentos mix. Will Agents of S.


Season 4, Episode 10 May 10, Season 4 Episode Guide. A Star Is Born 7.

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Season 4, Episode 16 August 24, Jamie and Adam try to scientifically explain the recently publicized and highly entertaining chemical reaction caused as a result of placing a Mentos candy into a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke. MythBusters Fiery Arrow Vs.

Audible Download Audio Books. The hand holds a grudge against Josh, and Jeri catches it all on camera.

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Season 4, Episode 27 December 6, Season 4, Episode 18 September 6, Season 4, Episode 12 July 19, Stuff You Should Know. Special effects take you inside some of the world’s most famous eruptions. Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Stephen Hawking’s Brave New World. Adam and Jamie test the old engineering challenge of making a concrete glider fly.

During the podcast the guys cover hive intelligence, bee aggression myths and colony collapse. The other members put their survival skills to the test in Firestarter.

Will the turkey kill the dog? Into The Blue 3. Hawking and his team examine inventions that will change how humans deal with crises in the future, including quadrocopters, birdlike UAVs, and an electric sports car. Select your free and paid streaming services.


Adam and Jamie get sucked in by a famous nautical myth-tery about killer whirlpools. Adam and Jamie attempt to blow open a home improvement myth with dynamite. MythBusters Explosive Grand Finale. Meantime, Kari, Grant and Tori ans to great lengths to see whether mankind’s first and simplest tool could mythbusgers far more dangerous than you think.

At HowStuffWorks, it’s new boss Steve’s first day. Adam and Jamie unleash a deadly myth from a supermax prison, attempting to make a deadly weapon out of newspaper and underwear. Voice Flame Extinguisher, Hypnosis. Kent’s sleepwalking puts an embarrassing smudge on Steve’s HSW growth plans, so Josh and Chuck do an amateur sleep study to find a cure.

Season 4, Episode 28 December 13,