With the base coach criteria out of the picture, players will be judged on their speed along with one of two other criteria. Most of the time a player is going to stop a ground ball hit right to them and trying to decide whether that ball would have kept going a certain distance after it is stopped by the player could be interesting. Tampa bid unsuccessfully for the GSWS, losing the bid to a very prepared and professional Portland, Oregon bid committee. To say this line of questioning within the rating guidelines is unclear would be an understatement. This should mean more opportunities to score runs and more innings overall. There were many passionate responses against removing the non-LGBT player limit and ultimately that side won.

With all that being said, both of these changes, the courtesy runner change and the move away from a count to a count encourage offense in an already offensive game. There were many passionate responses against removing the non-LGBT player limit and ultimately that side won. Something is not going to go according to plan and as long as we work together as a team we will get through it, resolve it and sometimes make it better. To be able to perform the particular skill with some regularity or more often than not. Most of the time a player is going to stop a ground ball hit right to them and trying to decide whether that ball would have kept going a certain distance after it is stopped by the player could be interesting. This tournament was played over the Thanksgiving weekend. The Sunday morning vote will decide it. Now, cut to August

The committee announced that the field costs will be waived by the City of Phoenix resulting in a massive amount of savings in angaaa budget. The scoring system will be mentioned as we go through each bid presentation, but remember that it is only a tool that delegates can use if they want to.

Change To GSWS Sefies Play Forfeit Procedure Previously before a motion to change it was passed, a team forfeiting its first game of scuedule day in pool play would have to appeal to continue in the tournament with the protest committee.

To be able to perform the particular skill, but without regularity. Okay, maybe the idea of using a courtesy runner is not itself that important, but how this new rule has been implemented certainly is.


2018 World Series

Posted in Uncategorized Worlf a comment Tournament Spotlight: And the first time we will be able to easily communicate schhedule last-minute updates — We LOVE the APP — and even better our developers have committed to paying it forward and will be updating the initial screens to Austin information at the conclusion of GSWS Question 24 — consistently reach base safely on a batted ball against an intermediate level of defense?

Quite simply, it has died a slow death as the GSWS has grown stronger and stronger.

For those folks that participated in the GSWS in Columbus, Ohio we all got the sense that this city was proving itself on an international stage. It would have to be hard for a committee to uphold a protest on this question because the entire question is based outside of reality.

The softball comes across the plate slower making it easier to hit, which is why there are certain bat restrictions and ball core restrictions to try and slow the seriss and velocity of those hits that come easier due to the slow nature of the pitch. Sliding is quite simply not an advanced skill. A Division — No team rated over No team rated over Modified On Base Percentage does not count walks, but does count errors as a safely hit ball if the runner reaches on the error.

Year after year, the event gets larger and with an ever-increasing number of participants, it creates a bigger challenge for host committees. The City of Columbus and its citizens should be extremely proud of what this committee and its partnerships have achieved already.

So, if we now have a baseline recreational division there has to be one stipulation. Why not 7 or 9? This committee knew it would have its work cut out for them to keep the bar where Dallas Series left it and an even bigger challenge to improve upon it, but they have met that challenge head on and have a fantastic week plus planned for everyone.

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Good luck to everyone at each and every tournament this year and as always, we implore you to travel to many of the fair cities across our continent to experience softball in different and increasingly diverse ways. Almost anything can work if there is support and dedication to a cause to make it work. Softball Code section 7. The scores do not choose the winner, the delegation votes to determine host cities.


One thing that NAGAAA has not done the best job of in the past is in showing the ability to separate skill level from competitive nature. This site uses cookies. This will not change much and may actually serve to hurt lower division players more in regard to raising their ratings unnecessarily.

The A Division stands to have several new players by the time the Portland Series of rolls around. It is time that the rating questions begin to reflect those changes in this different time. Something that none of us see these days, except maybe at the gas pump, are prices going down.

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Think about how long 5 seconds is to a base. While all three races were hotly contested, the closest of the three races was for the assistant commissioner position.

Several leagues around North America have adopted recreational divisions in different forms over the past several years. It shows that interest in softball and this organization is continuing to grow because of the efforts of our member cities and the local leagues across North America. An intermediate level of defense is a theoretical set of players having skills greater than the limited level of defense but less than an exceptional level of defense.

The GSWS has an online volunteer portal where you can sign up for volunteer shifts and see which events need your help the most. Remember, you only need one of the other three criteria to gain the question if you have the qualifying speed. B Division — No player rated above a Look for special features on the Diamond Dish about the tournament in the week leading up to Series including a closer look at events, sponsors and about the competition culminating in our coverage of the NAGAAA Summer Meetings and World Series predictions.

Another item taken up by the delegation was brought forward by the folks voting from Orlando, Florida.