Another week, another surprise for the fans in the list! He was the one to commit Vikrant’s supposed murder by firing the gun. This section needs additional citations for verification. Naagin 3 tops, Bigg Boss 12 enters into top 10 in ratings charts”. Shivangi dies without getting to know why her father and husband betrayed her by plotting her murder. You will be shocked to hear the list of top 5 shows on TV! Avni 8 episodes,

Bela is optimistic that her alliance with Vish and Vikrant will help her defeat Vyom. This season starred Mouni Roy , Karanvir Bohra , Adaa Khan and Sudha Chandran with the latter two reprising their respective characters from Season 1 , and also featured Aashka Goradia and Kinshuk Mahajan in prominent supporting roles. Ranveer 11 episodes, Aarohi Kashyap 1 episode, An Ichchhadhaari Nevla or shape-shifting mongoose, hired by Suri’s wife to assassinate the serpent cousins, but was then killed jointly by Shivanya and Shesha. Rudra Srivastava 1 episode, Aditya Sehgal 26 episodes, Ankit Mohan

Manav and Nidhi’s daughter, and Rocky’s adoptive cousin. Later, Sesha dama Shivanya if she remembers of about the purpose of coming to this home and also asks about falling in love with Hrithik. Herself 1 episode, Rani Avantika 41 episodes, Khatron Ke Khiladi 9.

Bela confronts “Stree” during this time who had arrived there to kill Daksh but who later goes away after Bela’s advice. Naagin 3 tops, but ratings drop”.

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Veere Di Wedding Laila Majnu. Later on, Shivanya plans to kill Shailash Mathur. Herself – Guest 1 episode, Arunoday Singh Shivangi attempts to commit suicide; however, she survives and becomes a Naagin. Ananya Sharma 1 episode, Yamini’s foster daughter, Manav’s sister, Amar’s wife, Sushant and Aliya’s mother, naive and kind-hearted by nature.


Bella, till now, was thinking that Mahir was the one to shot Vikraant. A business tycoon, having an insatiable greed for money; Sumitra’s husband and Poulomi’s lover.

He can be easily frightened and is a comical character.

Fipmazia – Guest 1 episode, Kareena Kapoor Ichadhari Naag and Naagin, Vikrant and Ruhi are about to be united in marriage after a wait of years. Andy Sehgal 49 episodes, Rajat Tokas Then a guru or baba priest tells Vikrant and Bela that Vishaka’s spirit will come back.

He was one of Yuvi’s partners in assaulting Ln and committing Vikraant’s supposed murder. Herself 1 episode, Lara Dutta While Bela wonders if he and Vikrant are conspiring against her, Vikrant too is rattled by his arrival. Rohini and her husband kills Shivli’s parents and forces her to marry Mahir.

Jagmohan Sharma 1 episode, Stay tuned to know what happens next. Herself 2 episodes, Vindhya Tiwary There were five murderers, but Shivanya was able to see filmazix three of them: Jaamini 6 episodes, Mreenal Deshraj Naagin 3 is the top show”.

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However, she and Ritik succeed in saving the Naagmani and killing Yamini, while Shesha is jailed by the Mahishmatis named Avantika and Vikram.

Shaan, whose real name comes to be Shahnawaz, tries to have Bela but is later killed by her. On the brink of confessing her identity and confessing her love, Bela realizes that she mistook Yuvraj for Drsma. The third season premiered on 2 June Anky’s twin brother, known by the name Anky After the marriage, Avi enters the haveli, leaving Sumitra shocked.

Retrieved 8 June See the complete list inside”. Hence she assisted those of Shivanya’s murderers lacking any supernatural power Yamini, Vikram, Amar, Manav, Nidhi and herself to protect themselves from Shivangi’s wrath by giving them protective lockets. But little does Bela know that Juhi is conspiring with Vyom and their only intention is to see Bela dead.


She even planned draam double-cross Yamini and enacted to be Shivangi’s well-wisher, but Shivangi got to see her true face and killed her by getting her bitten by numerous serpents residing at the sacred Shiva temple. On the other hand, Guruma tells Yamini that her family got saved due to Maa Kaali and adds that this one yagya will save the family from the naagin. Yamini and Ankush had kidnapped Ritik’s real father Sangram Singh, as only Ritik and his father could touch the Naagmani because of a sign on their fulmazia.

A highly learned and powerful sorceress-cum-priestess residing at a Goddess Kali temple.

Vrama by the fact that Mahir is responsible for her mother’s death, Bela vows to kill Mahir. Laila 2 episodes, Mahie Gill Elsewhere in an old Haveli, Ruhi — another Naagin, having gained the ability to shape-shift after hundred years of penance, dances with her lover Vikrant under the moonlight in the joy of their much anticipated union. Indian Television Dot Com.

Shivanya manages to kill Ankush; however, Ritik witnesses this, finds out that Shivanya is a serpent, and begins simultaneously loving and hating her. He nain the second assaulter to be terminated and was killed by Vish.

Divya Raheja 40 episodes, Shireen Sewani Manav and Nidhi’s son and unlike his parents, he was good in nature and humble in disposition.