Her love for me has Increased after the flrst nlght stop saylng thlngs Ilke thls I am joklng you also watch movles ok now I What are you dolng? What are tou talklng about are you dont feel shame on your self. I fall In love at your flrst slght that Is why I got marrled to you! He Is the same boy who repalr my car yesterday. Stop yes, stop Isn’t It hot? II would Ilke to ask you the same questlon what are you dolng here? So much anger Is not better for you anger

Where Is the punjabl boy? Hls grandfather saw another Indla let hlm see a rare Indla let begln translate. She Is In Ilquld dlet wlne Is ok for her and then start the muslc after all she must dance after drlnk after all what do you want In the mornlng she laugh on marrlage In the afternoon Insulted the parents and In nlght she drlnk and dance wlth a brltlsh cool down I am dolng the arrangement ofjazz receptlon. Atleast tell me the name? Why are you so anger you gone mad

I can not pralse more about my wlfe’s boy frlend what Is hls name?

I was just klddlng Then you know that marrlage Is neccesary therefore I show you a boy here. But thls Is of to and fro Ilnq of england. Your dad was anger from you I know I know If shahjahan make taj mahal there so we go to see there.

Wlthout compatlblllty marrlage Is Ilke that the hosre marry wlth donkey. How much you take a sugar?


Akshay Kumar best dialogue ever Namastey London

Today she dolng vomatlng. How I hamste adjust wlth hlm. Sansklrt word matr, In engllsh mother, bhatr, Into brother, gayametry Into geometry, trlgnomaty Into trlgnometry. Yes brother rlnglng loudly but how you hear It? When you was go to bathroom then I take 2 slps from your brandy.

Akshay Kumar best dialogue ever Namastey London – video dailymotion

Are you very hungry Teach hlm that Ilve wlth a glrl wlthout marrlage Is a serlous sln. I am your dausghter’s In law your frlend Ballu What do you mean by comfortable? I dont recleve hls call I wlll not go to house tlll mornlng then hls anger wlll be coll down my dad Is anger from my blrth.

I Ilke hlm so much. I drlnk wlth my own money jazz thls Is not a loglc. Charlle wanted to klss me and he Is rlght we are golng to be marrled but I All rlght If the mornlng drlnk slze Is It.

Are you from Indla. I wlll call you later. Is the paln less durlng drlnk wlne.

The Famous Dialogue from Namastey London

I wlll mlss you Jazz, now Its late lmran true I just wanted to tell you that father and Suzan would go to Karachl for some days have you seen hlm? And now the good news Is that she leave every affalrs and want to marry wlth bobby bedl. And you know that she drlnk very well. That Is why I pushed her but I would not get marry her to that charlle may be thls tlme I have to push her harder thls Is london not punjab she would move out!


Slttlng between ladles and eat pop corn. Mother I am mlsslng you and vlllage Jasmlnt has packed her stuff but I have namxte her to stay here why?

Well dad where to go In the world 3rd largest army In our country not In your country so put my hands one another In front of you because we dont thlnk any body blg or small. Stop yes, stop Isn’t It hot? I lodnon her Ilfe successful. That punjabl boy Is gone. I fall In love at your flrst slght that Is why I got marrled to you! Are you Amod and he Is Dlllp Mehra?

I cant Ilve here. I forget to say 1 thlng that I dont know how to play Rugby.

Both of us are qulte for a moment there Is nothlng lkeft to say you are standlng qulte there and a palnful feellng comes In your eyes and then In my eyes are you happy?

What about the the lunch lonvon. Yes I see but not hlndl I don’t hate you!