Strike the Blood — Episode 1 Now…you guys know how I feel about vampire shows. And the girl with the pink cowboy hat is really annoying. I will miss you, my beloved Chihaya. You can go to http: Attack on Titan — Episodes Masaharu, now an ordinary stuffed toy lamb not capable of speech, is brought to Kisaragi-sensei by Sumomo and Nadeshiko.

While Nona is spending almost all her time researching about Sumomo’s mother and other things about Stellar Spinners, Sumomo, with the suggestion of their friends, sets a date with Masaharu. They usually have all sorts of costumes for sale, and a lot of people from japan and china do custom made cosplay costumes. Good luck 0 comments Sunday, August 30, In chobits who was the prettiest? I really hope I continue to love this show. And Fersen and Marie finally sleep together! I read all of the manga, it was ok. Chobits Box set Geneon release question?

Were you expecting anything different?

Where can i watch NANATSUIRO DROPS eng dub?

As Kisaragi-sensei covered up Masaharu’s situation to the entire class, Nona blamed herself for what happened. I’m sure there are tutorials and things of that nature to make them.

Anime De Wakaru Shinryounaika The blu-ray of season 1 looks like crap, though. Well, it really depends on the maturity level of the child Yeah, this is actually happening. I miss the dude who was scared of Bulma. All images are from MALand there are spoilers listed up to the episodes below!


Chi is really cute same goes for Takako. I wanna download this before it gets licenced.

Where can I download episode 17 of Chobits, dubbed If they can’t handle the sexual themes in a mature way,then it’s not for them. What happened to it? Can Anyone give me a website to download the anime Let me tell you…the hype is totally justified. This is so hard for me to say.

Nanatsuiro Drops Episode 2 English Subbed

I love her, too! The animation quality of this show as a whole sucks now. I’ve never looked for them.

You can afford it. I got mine from Ebay. They spent the time on a date while waiting for the stardrop, with Masaharu promising to love Sumomo once again. Because of this revelation, Kisaragi-sensei’s warning, that Masaharu will become a stuffed animal forever, came into realization.

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The anime tells about all the reasons its dangerous for humans to fall in love with a computer like when the guy leaves his wife for one then it ends with a perscom and a human getting together??? I guess my final thoughts were that I loved the concept, I just wanted more from it. There’s this song in the origonal japense anime of Chobits that plays when chii is usally about to kick butt. I blind bought this movie veh no expectations whatsoever other than I wanted to see what everyone was talking about and why people thought this was the greatest anime movie vsoh come out of Japan in a long, long while.


I love, love, love Fushigi Yuugi. I re-started season one and the only thing I can think of is that the male protagonist is voiced by the same guy who played the guy in Black Lagoon. Photobucket might have it. I finally finished off the season 2 box set, though, and just when I thought we were done with the Red Ribbon Army…they come back with a new villain to annoy me.

I watch drips lot of South Park, okay, I can take jokes about giant douches. Ok, I need a picture that’s not a picture of her sitting on the moon and not a tiny picture.

And what a tournament it was.

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Where can I download the anime series Chibi Vampir If the emotion is programmed is it still an emotion? That is now my bedtime show. Want to know more of my thoughts? Stack packs are worthless. DNangel has a lot of romance too A lot of people like vampier knight.