Recently both his old account and his new account are reinstated as of late. Now go home and be a family man. I’ve written about movies, art, music, and more, but until this point, I haven’t really covered the art form of comedy in any medium. Just like Naruto AND abridging combined! Everybody subscribes to it. He overly taxes his fellow server owners, and black person. I’m Vegeta ‘s girlfriend and During his on again off again relationship with JewTube LittleKuriboh rounded up some of his friends back in in order to host his Yu-Gi-Oh!

Anyone can experience a work, pick out its tiniest flaws, and magnify them in a potentially funny way, but a masterful parody has to balance the good and the bad, expressing disappointment at the latter in that way that only someone who loves the former can. And then I killed it!. Nowadays there’s either still a soft spot for the series in you or you just forgot about it in general because you never liked Dragon Ball in the first place. So there’s a bridge. It’s practically a drinking game at this point. That is the best they could come up with!?! The breakdown of his marriage only made it worse and exposed him as the needy, sad person that is so plainly apparent in his videos now.

If you liked anyone else who’s not Ghost Nounthis movie isn’t for you.

Naruto The Abridged Comedy Spoof Series (LittleKuriboh)

I wanted to say this to your faces, because you’re awesome like that. I decided that it is a lot better to not have my mouth move at the same time as my voice. Just like the taste in my mouth when Sasuke’s brother ruined my life.

You have to promise me that if I don’t survive; you have to tell Hinata Kidomaru after trapping the Retrieval Team in spiderwebs: What’s the best memory you have of making this show or surrounding “Yu-Gi-Oh!


The Last Airbenderyou white washing son of a bitch!

Knowing that what I, and other content makers in this genre, do tends to make people laugh in times when it littlekuribkh be hard to even smile is extremely important to me and makes the whole thing worth it. It tended to make the other children laugh so I guess I kept it in my pocket as a skill throughout my adolescence until it came back in a big way when I started doing parodies.

The episodes but not the extra clips can also be found on the Yu-Gi-Oh!

You need to login to do this. I am talking about the thing that is going to be released that has been delayed indefinitely for a long period of time, that will obviously fail to live up to everyone’s ridiculous expectations due to its shaky narkto unreliable development!

INTERVIEW: A Conversation with LittleKuriboh

Today I am bringing you all something a little different from what you’re used to. I’ve interviewed famous painters, photographers, and curators, but I haven’t interviewed any internet celebrities. Some worked better than others! Holy shit, this is the manliest thing I’ve ever seen! Then, after a four week break, LittleKuriboh realised that no matter what he posted on the Internet, even if it took him seriex to actually post his videos, they would all receive the praise and attention at the level of any work made by Leonardo da Vinci.

What kind of people has LittleKuriboh influenced through his funny butchering of anime? Just like Naruto AND abridging combined!

Ooh, ooh, Abbott and Costello? You don’t give a shit about him and he abrjdged go suck a dick? Takahashi doesn’t sue his ass off just for using his characters in a shitty parody show. Despite the Ninjabridge channel being flagged and deleted by an ad-bot, it has returned as of 15 June So there’s a bridge.


Get Known if you don’t have an account. I’m sure they’ll be just fine Nobody even knows why they’re making a bridge anymore. You need to login to do this.


Her name was Mittens. Enjoy burying those kids I killed. I couldn’t have done it without the Rower! I didn’t know that! Get Known if you don’t have an account. He voiced a couple of characters for the sake of a cameo until he got the role of FriezaDBZ’s least-liked villain because nobody takes him seriously as the series progresses and littlkuriboh doesn’t know how to count. Despite all that, the battle goes on and on and on, which led to a predictable pattern; LK gets banned, nerds rage, YT lets him return.

Why am I having flashbacks?

Retrieved from ” https: Naruto Abridged hasn’t been updated in a year. Recently both his old account and his new account are reinstated as of late. In it, Naruto is a chain smoking bisexual whom fucks everything that moves even though in the beginning, Naruto is 12 except Sakura, because everyone hates her.

Hey, Sakura, Christina Ricci called. Master Ninja Theme Song! Just one of the funniest things I’ve worked on, for myself and my audience.