We will finish it soon before the sun rise. One upon a time there lived a woman and her son, named Bandung Bondowoso. Would you give me requirement a little easier? Step on my body. We’ve got to go If not, then our bodies can burn! So we have to stop them Nanny: Where is my father? Jin-jin also ran and left his job.

Roro jongrang confused for answering his question Roro jonggrang: Prabu Boko slain in battle, Roro. How is it Dayang? One upon a time there lived a woman and her son, named Bandung Bondowoso. Next, Bandung Bondowoso come forward to Roro Jonggrang, he thought, who was the girl in front of him. Why you should afraid of me, if you want ask a question to me? To hell with this kerjaanku.

Be a jonggrang temple as my king decoration. I am Bondowoso, I want to avenge my father to you because you have made my people be suffering. What will you do. How if I make you 10 temples bzndawasa What I can do for you my lord Bandung Bandhng But I can do another request Roro…. Besides Pengging palace, there was another royal palace called Boko. Please Roro Jonggrang would you mind forgive me?! To hell with this kerjaanku. Suddenly she had an Idea. Diposting oleh My special Blogger di He want to expand his kingdom and unite his kingdom with the others kingdom.

We make as if morning come. Prabu Bhaka had a beautiful daughter named Roro Jonggrang. Diposting oleh oktavia di He is a handsome young man with super natural power. After several counts, Jonggrang said. Nanny please help me! After that all of jin disappear and Bandung Bondowoso come in. Roro Jonggrang and nanny succeed. Genies are afraid of sunlight. What should I do for you? They did not know the light was from the fire that burning the straw.


He has a handsome man named Bandung Bondowoso. How dare are you come to my kingdom without permission Bandung: And you have to finish it before the sun rise Bandung Bondowoso: The number of new temples was units. Well, this is most unsatisfactory.

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We have to go know, if we stay here our body will burn by sun, weleh weleh Jinny 2: I have try to be patient to get you but its useless. Suddenly, Bandung Bondowoso asked something to his mother.

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Emma Lirani Bandung Bondowoso: So we have to stop them Nanny: Are you not believed with me? When the appointed night, bandung Bondowoso and architect of its flagship create a skeleton form temple, then Jin-jin begins to build a temple with a variety of carving the advice of architects earlier.

Please make all prambanan people up, asked her for pound rice, burn straw close to the chicken cage. I have accounted it more than 10 times and I think the temples are only. He is at Telatah.


Naskah Drama Roro Jonggrang

Dayang call the Gadis in village Dayang: And the noise from pounding the mortar was like the start of a new day. How to Make Pudding Procedure Text. How if I make you 10 temples only? Just follow my command Miss.! Bandung bondowoso and prambanan king fighting, and in fighting prambanan king had been dead by bandung bondowoso sword.

Would you mean it? Jonggrang suddenly turned into a statue.

Of course, it is quite easy my lord Bandung Bondowoso: Meanwhile, elsewhere Jonggrang’m confused. Why you keep silent, do you angry with me? Jonggrang asked maids to pound rice and burn straw in the east as a sign that the morning had come.

Finallly, Bandung Bondowoso have completed temples with Roro Jonggrang as the bqndung.

How is it Dayang? Bondowoso in asking his mother to wander. Bandung Bondowoso with his magical power send for his Jin to help him make temples in a night. Baka king has passed away in the fight.